Friday February 21st 2020

What a beautiful day it was in the Valley on Thursday - The drive both to Kelowna, then back on the Westside road, is always spectacular when the sun is shining out of a clear blue sky - also, it’s a sign of Spring as you see patches of brown, where the snow has melted. - I did stop and take a few pics while going past Bear Creek - looks like a ride  could be possible, although our old entrance near the corner has been blocked off.

The farther North you go up the Westside road, the more snow you see, but with the warm Lake on the right, the area always melts sooner.  - I stopped off to see Roy at the Valley of the Sun, and we had a good visit over a cup of coffee - still too much snow at his place for a ride, but I’m looking forward to being out there on the Xtrack this year.

Richard Lawrence posted this pic from an early ride he had on his TRS up near Smithers BC - This was the very first TRS we sold, and I’m amazed that he has never needed to buy any parts !! the only thing I sent him was a spare pilot jet just after he bought it. ( Update:  Richard contacted me to say he doesn’t ride the TRS much as he’s very involved with promoting Cross Country racing up in that area at the moment - but still loves the bike)
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Since posting  the pics I took yesterday, a couple of people have asked if the Bear Ridge area is open enough for a ride this weekend - the answer is, yes I think so, but be careful where you park and make sure you have all your paperwork in order plus a spark arrestor !!


For people interested in learning more about the CCM project - check out this video on the Trials Guru site.


So for the people anxious to get out there on a new bike !   We have the following models in stock.

Beta  Evo 80 Big wheel

Beta Evo 125

Beta Evo 200 ( 2020)

TRS 300 Xtrack

TRS 300 Xtrack  e start.

We have heard that bikes will be in short supply this year, so if you want one, now is the time to get your money down.

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