Saturday February 22nd 2020

Friday was a pretty cold day and in fact they are calling for more snow on Sunday - but we did get a visit from an old Sherco customer, who is now living back in the Valley, after a few years in Quesnel

- He is in the market for another Trials bike, having sold the Sherco a few years ago.  - As we had a new TRS e start Xtract on the hoist - this was the first one he looked at,  and was amazed at the new technology.  But perhaps the most interesting thing that happened, was when I started it. - I looked at his face and it was as if - 20 years had been erased - it was that incredible, the smile said it all.

Not that this is the first time this has happened - and also with the Beta either 2 or 4 stroke. - but for me it might explain why our Motorcycle enthusiasts like bikes - “THE SOUND”

As an old guy, I have been fortunate to hear the sounds of many exotic  racing machines including the first 4 cylinder MV Augusta and Gilera plus the V8 Moto Guzzi - followed of course by the scream of the 2 strokes pinned - at the Isle of Man.  Not forgetting the Norton Manx and the small lightweight MV’s and NSU’s. - Yes it’s all in my memory which I’m lucky to still have!!.

But something else that just stirred up these thoughts, was a face book video of a Spitfire doing a low level pass over an air base in the UK - the sound of the Merlin engine  almost made me choke up.

Many years ago, I was lucky enough to actually sit in a Spitfire at a place called Cosford in Shropshire England - I was there with a group of ATC cadets to  unofficially, take photographs  for the Newspaper I worked for  - I still remember both the thrill and how cramped it was. - For me, that day is still  etched in my memory, because I also got to go up in a glider - an open air cockpit, with a 16 year old cadet flying it. - I was so impressed, that the article I wrote for the newspaper along with the photographs - got very good reviews by the Editorial Staff. ( Wish I still had a copy)
But one of the main points of why I started this topic is “Sound”   - With all the latest hoo-haw about Electric bikes - I say Forget it - For me and I’m sure many others, we are in the sport for that special thrill you get down your spine, when you hear a Race Engine - Yes That’s likely why I’m pretty deaf right now !!! “Braap”

My home country of Wales is being hit by big floods at the moment after a blast from the the East. - This is Llangollen - ( pronounced Thrlanngothllin)   - Its 12 miles from where Babs and myself grew up. - It was also at a Trial near here, that I won my first award as a lad. ( I still have it)
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