Sunday February 23rd 2020

The last Sunday of the month, and the only riding we have done is around the yard - unusual, for us living in the OK Valley - I haven’t seen any pics of anybody else out on the bikes in our area either, although I’m sure many are getting pretty anxious.  I wonder how many people have remembered that this is a “Leap Year” with 29 days in February.
I saw a video of Dennis Brumwell   practicing balancing on the Monty -in the garage up in Yellowknife, while making plans for joining us down South for the Outlaw Trial in May.  Must be going stir crazy.
Yesterday, I didn’t do much - & ended up watching the golf from Mexico ( looked petty nice there!!)

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I saw this nice pic of John Lampkin on FB - I think Eric Kitchen took it but not sure, As most people know John is the Beta Importer for the UK and was a World class Trials rider, until a bad car crash broke his leg badly. - Stan Bakgaard rode with him in those days and often stayed with John up in Silsden. Yorkshire.

This pic was one of many being posted on the latest Trials Guru site which has already got over 1,000 people signed up for the ” Trials when a stop was a “Five” forum.
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