Tuesday February 25th 2020

This is an old photo of Stan, taken by Harlow Rankin - Stan rode a 200 Monty in a number of World Trials, and one of him on this machine can be seen in Bernie Schreiber’s Trials book. - We ended up with this machine & took it all part to renovate it, but I can’t remember what happened to it. ( I have a pic of it somewhere all in bits)
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This is a great pic of John Moffat on the big Matchless in Scotland. ( He still has that bike in his collection)
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Meanwhile back in the UK - this is Shrewsbury - not far from where we lived.

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This week looks like being busy, with Opti Oil coming in - plus other chores and my usual visits to the skin medical center. ( Old age can get a bit tiresome)  - Chatted to Chris H yesterday, & looking forward to him stopping by at the weekend. He says they still have 5ft of snow outside his place in Revvy, and doesn’t expect to be doing any riding (in that area) until late May - maybe June.


Turn on the TV and all you hear about is Protests - but when I hear the word “Pipeline” all I think about is the Scottish Six Days Trial !!!


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