Saturday February 29th 2020 (Leap Year)

This pic was taken on this day six years ago -( Roger just mentioned that 6 years ago this wasn’t a leap year!!! - FB posted it on Thursday & I just copied) - smart guy that Roger. - as you can see, not much snow.  Not sure who ended up with this  Beta demo that I’m sitting on - I know Flo bought the Airoh Helmet, and I still wear the Anson Jacket that works both as a full lightweight jacket or a vest - and the Raw pants & Gar boots are also still in Service - The Safety Glasses I’m wearing are my preferred eye protection, but this particular style is hard to find - They were very popular with many International Six Day riders, ( Like Helmut Klasson)
We have heard that some of the lads are planning a ride in this area Sunday - but  not sure of all the details.

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We had quite a rain shower last night - all good for melting the snow - not sure what the weatherman has in store for us today on the Leap Year February 29th.  Although we are expecting to have a visit from Chris Hrabb at some point -

Last night young Alex from Kelowna, stopped by to pick up some new levers for his Gasser -( I know he will be out tomorrow trying to break these!!!)   - He is one of our new keen riders and has some Talent.


Tomorrow (Sunday) the CPTA have a  Kids Trial  at Ioco,  a new series being promoted this year - We have catered to the kids at our Outlaw Trials for many years, but don’t always get too many showing up. - The Vernon club have one of these planned for June.
We can supply Electric bikes from Beta and TRS, plus the gas powered Beta 80 models. ( We have one of these in stock)


I have absolutely no idea what this says !!  But if you are looking for a Beta - give us a call. !!
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More news as it happens>>>

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