Sunday March 22nd 2020

This is a pic of Eric Adcock who just died in the UK - Eric was a factory DOT rider, and usually won our Trials in North Wales and the Cheshire Center. - Although other factories tried to hire him. he stayed with the DOT Factory.   - I remember one particular muddy Trial, when he made this long slippery hill section look very easy, so jumping on my James, I tried to do the same, only to come sliding back down underneath the bike. !!

He always had very wide flat handlebars on his DOT - likely because the front end with the Earles Type forks, was really heavy. -Also check out the bulb horn on the handlebars, required to be street legal back then -I still have one!!!  ( Remember most of the Trials were linked by  public roads - plus with money tight - us young club riders, we used to ride our bikes to and from the locations, also using them for transportation during the week)

-  I nearly bought a DOT at one time, but when I got a better offer from my local Dealer, I stayed with the James brand.
RIP Eric - You were a great Trials rider and a super nice guy.Image may contain: motorcycle, bicycle and outdoor

With the ever changing scene regarding the Corona-virus, we have decided to stay home this weekend .  Although I loved being out in the fresh air last Wednesday.!!!

I think I might be lucky as I can escape the boredom by going out to the shop and finding something to do, plus I do have a yard that I can ride around.  But old movies are getting  lots of time - Yesterday afternoon, I watched “Bullet” for the 100th time - Steve McQueen was a Super Star, and sad he died so young.

This was posted on Enduro 21 - I totally agree  that we should continue to get out when we can - but I would also add that  maybe we should also take our own vehicles, driving solo.  - Even the close proximity when riding with a buddy could be a hazard at this time - stay well apart and avoid personal contact. - I think handshakes and high 5’s are a thing of the past. ( sad but true)  - I’m guessing that Off Road Motorcycling is probably one of the only things that anybody can do right now. - but please act responsibly  because others might not see it this way.


American Motorcyclist Association President stresses staying safe to prevent the spread of Covid-19 but points to “ride motorcycles” social media meme as symbol of unity.

In an open letter published by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) from its President and CEO, Rob Dingman, the message is loud and clear: ride motorcycles.

Speaking about the anxiety caused by a global Covid-19 pandemic, Dingman says, “I’m going to ride when I can. If I can’t ride, I’m going to plan riding trips, talk about riding with friends and think about riding.”

Dingman’s letter points to a social media meme doing the rounds which warns to be smart and follow the necessary safety guidance but says the following:

  • Avoid crowded spaces: Ride motorcycles.
  • Do not use public transportation: Ride motorcycles.
  • Well-ventilated spaces are virus free: Ride motorcycles.
  • Wear gloves: Ride motorcycles.
  • Keep at least six feet from other people: Ride motorcycles.
  • Keep a positive attitude: Ride motorcycles.

The letter from the AMA President blows a refreshing wind in these strange times. Be smart but plan for the future. “I’m going to continue to be an active member of the motorcycle community because as a membership organization, community is, after all, how we do what we do.” Says Dingman.


Jamie McGregor from Ontario, posted some pics on facebook -  that he took at the 1975 FIM World Championship Trial  in Bragg Creek - This one a signed pic of our old buddy Mick with the Factory TY 250? - A bit of an added story to this, as the bike arrived at Walt’s Shop in Calgary with the top of the crate just resting on the top - so when I took Mick down to pick it up, he was quite amused because he said he didn’t nail down the top so customs could check it out !! -  Later I took Mick out to one of our riding areas, and he just aced all the “Expert ” sections that we struggled on.

Unfortunately, Mick did not do well at the event I set up - not sure if it was a mind game or what - but he finished down in 11th spot. - Obviously the Euro guys had no idea what to expect, and also as a first time World Trial organizer,   neither did I !! - Looking back some 45 years later - it’s easy to understand the mistakes that were made. - But at the end of the day, I still like to remember the post made by the winner Vesterinon, who said the Trial I put on prepared him for what was to come in the World Championship. ( 1975 was the first year for this)
Image may contain: bicycle, motorcycle and outdoor


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