Monday March 23rd 2020

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OK Now I’ve got your attention !!  This pic wasn’t taken in Canada, but does anybody remember a similar attraction at a BC Cross Country Race ?? back in the day - and can you name the event??


Some of the images showing up on FB about idiots in the UK and other places taking no notice of posted warnings regarding social distancing, with scenes of crowded beaches and traffic backed up going to public parks, are truly incredible.  No wonder that some Countries are calling for Marshal Law and patrolling the streets with the police and military.

Sadly a lot of young people seem to think they are immune to catching this virus, - think again knot-heads.


As for us old folks - we are staying home, except for arranging to pick up prescriptions and groceries when required - I wear a pair of thin Trials gloves when out - although they say this doesn’t really help.
I should mention that we are still open for business at Outlaw - but only by appointment just call ahead -(250) 545-6139.


We have taken time to check up on some of our old friends by phone -  glad to say Jimmy Corkle is doing OK down in Elko, but has shut up shop because of people stopping by and not respecting  the no contact instructions.  - He has had an eye operation cancelled ( as many of us have had similar calls) - Luckily he can get out for a hike up Rabbit Mountain which out his back door, with his dog for company.

We have heard of other people trying to get back to Canada from South of the border - Steve Richardson and Stan Bakgaard. - Plus the latest info has some Provinces closing their borders except for business and transport trucks.


Your video for today >>
Trials torque: From world trials to the fastest extreme enduro races, Dan Hemingway is one of the most gifted men on the planet on two wheels. And now his tw…

Please note: the Hemmingway family are cousins to the Lampkins - also the lads are on Evo 125’s  AND we have one in stock !!  Fantastic little bikes - we also have an Evo 80 Junior -  Call us for more info.

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