Wednesday March 25th 2020

This is a great shot of a rider going up the big step at Witches Burn in the 1992 Scottish - The Photographer in the yellow vest is the famous Eric Kitchen - I was at this event and stood just behind him for a while taking pics on a very wet day. Update :  Taking another look at that pic - that might be me standing just in front of the rider - as I know I was wearing a blue waterproof outfit. - Not sure who the rider is on the Beta TR34.   Also don’t know who took the great shot.
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As mentioned yesterday, I delivered Ross his new Beta Factory bike up to Scotch Creek - at which time we discussed  the issues of running events at this time. ( from a distance)  - Although our Outlaw/WTC National on the May long weekend may still need to be cancelled. - We have elected to wait until the end of April before making any announcement.  Stay tuned to the blog for the latest news.  As the chief Clerk of the Course, Ross has to make the final decision, but we also need to clear this with WEC regarding Insurance.

Anybody who has been to the Scottish, will recognize this section - Pipeline has been used for decades, but still takes points even for lads on modern bikes. - The town of Kinlochleven is just at the bottom of this hill, which had a lot of locals employed at the power plant - ( now closed) Back in 1972, my brother and myself stopped at the pub located near the start of this section, for lunch, and we were quite surprised to see a lot of the workers in having a “Half and a Half” - that is half a pint of Whiskey and half a pint of beer to wash it down.  - No wonder the plant closed !!  Not sure who the rider is in this Ian Lawrie photo.
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Yesterday I got a call from Jack Chant - an old friend from Calgary - he had seen the “Girlie” pic I posted and wanted me to know that he was in the Saskquash (?) Cross Country  held in between Hope and Vancouver back in the day - it was organized by Danny Amor, and Jack mentioned it was a two lap race, but the girls were only at the first check on the first loop. - much to the disappointment of many riders.  - - Harlow Rankin also rode that day, but I was not there ( Drat)


With all the bad news regarding the Corona virus - business shut downs - races -events cancelled -(even the Olympics) it would be easy to become very depressed. - But remember that famous quote by Richard Nixon ?  “When the going gets tough - the tough get going” - That isn’t to say that we are suggesting everybody relax their vigilance regarding staying safe and keeping a distance. - but I also agree that we can’t just stop everything - we need to be careful and take precautions, but being out in the woods, is likely the best place for us right now.

Ron Walsh wrote a good post regarding riding at Ioco - saying yes he still wants to ride - but maybe mid-week when few people are there, and please respect his space !! - As old guys with already health issues, we are the most vulnerable, so please understand.  Our Motorcycle Image has never been more important.

Here are a couple of video links>>
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