Thursday March 26th 2020

Yesterday, I shared a link to the opening clip of the movie “On Any Sunday”  - without a doubt the best Motorcycle movie ever made, and financed for the most part by Steve McQueen. - Not only was McQueen a great actor, he was also a very good rider who raced in the desert, plus was on Team USA at the ISDT ( when it was called a Trial) - Here is a copy of his FIM license. ( Note I’ve spelled License the American way with an “s”)
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Did you know that Bob Johns, the Editor of Trials Canada and a Director of the WTC, is also a very accomplished musician and performs with a Country & Western Band on Vancouver Island.  - Bob is a super nice guy, with a long background in the World of Trials, dating back to the 1950’s in England, where his brother John still rides in Classic events, on an Ariel similar to the ones seen below in this old photo.

My tutor for Off road riding back in the 50’s, was our local club  “Hot-shoe”  - Bernie Blomer ( who later became my brother-in-law) - Bernie had a 500 Ariel for Trials, which I rode a couple of times, but only around town to show-off !! I would set in on full retard to plonk through the traffic. ( I can still remember that)
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This is Geoff Ward - Factory AJS rider at Hawkstone Park in Shropshire - I saw him race there at the very first Scramble I attended ( as a spectator) - the hill was and is today - so steep - I didn’t think anybody would make it up - boy was I wrong - Wardy came rocketing over the rocky slabs at the top  bouncing high in the air - an incredible sight and sound to a young 16 year old - and yes I was hooked.
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The ACU - Organizing Motorcycle body for the UK has just issued a Statement - saying all Motorcycle Sport is cancelled until May 31st at least.


Your video for today - Mike Duff was a very good rider on the International road racing scene back in the day - He later had a sex change and now calls him/her self Michelle.  - ( Maybe it was having too many high speed scares !!)
This is my first upload on VIMEO. I was still a teenager when I started making this in 1969. It was my first film and I was just learning about the filmaking process…


We have just received our last order of Outlaw Toobelts for a while, as  my Lady who hand makes them is shutting down due to the Corona virus.  Let me know if you need one!! - Also have some of the rear fender tool pouches back in stock ( the ones that replace the crappy ones fitted to the old IT Yams and XR Hondas)

These will also fit on the new TRS Xtrack models !!

This is the “Double Duty” - 2 bikes in one  TRS Xtrack - Chris decided to see just how long it would take to switch to Trials mode - The answer about 15 minutes ( but maybe a bit longer first time)
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I had two people answer the question on the pic I posted yesterday from Witches Burn in Scotland - Brett Clark and Bob Olar from Ontario.  They say it’s Steve Saunders and the year was 1985 - Brett remembers, because that was the year he rode the SSDT. - And as I wasn’t there that year, I’m not in the picture, but was in that exact spot by Eric Kitchen in 1989. ( Maybe he has that rock reserved for him!!)

A reminder that we are still open for business but by appointment only and we keep you at a distance!!


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