Friday March 27th 2020

Back in the day - we used to call this “Body Lean” - a technique for keeping balance, later referred to as “Body English” in the USA. - Then Mick Andrews invented the wide leg style and the rest, as they say, is History.


Trial WM-Lauf Österreich 1978

And another one >>

Part 2 of 2. Classic Trials from 1982. Kick Start Trials made for TV competition from Easton Neston Park the United Kingdom.


We had a visit from our TRS friends from Alberta this week,  Byron had yet to get a ride on his new Raga 300 and was absolutely going stir crazy, so he and buddy Gord Rinke  stopped by my place on route to Kelowna.

While waiting for Byron to show up - Gord asked if he could try my e-start Xtrack  300 and put on quite a show for the neighbors pulling wheelies in the driveway - not content with that - he then tried out the neat Beta Evo 125 we have - and did the same thing on that - being short and stocky, Gord can ride just about anything but had big praise for both bikes. ( That 125 we  have is a steal)   I guess in retrospect, I should have filmed all this, but as he wasn’t wearing a helmet, I didn’t want to show something some people might  get all upset about.

( Hell up until the mid 70’s we never wore a Crash Helmet for Trials - and I can only recall one incident in the Scottish where a rider was killed after colliding with a car, that should not have been on that road)

Not that I’m condoning not wearing a helmet - we think this is something everybody should do - but sometimes a bit of a “Try-out” in the back yard is I think OK.
Anyway Thursday they were out riding in the Bear Creek area and by all accounts had a blast, hooking up with Shane, Andrew and Richard. - They sent me a few pics - from what looks to have been an awesome day.
The smiles say it all even if it appears that Gord has a tree growing out of his head (HE HE)  - Check out that new 300 Raga complete with the Outlaw sticker !!
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A blast from the past.
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