Saturday March 28th 2020

It was four years ago that Bob Clark brought the very first TRS  for us  to see at Summerland, on a very wet & cold weekend - -We  were very impressed by the general fit & finish of the new Spanish bike, and took it for a short ride.  Of course a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then, and the Jordi Tarres machine, has leaped to the top of the charts with great sales and general acceptance by the Trials fraternity.
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Here is Bob tackling one of my sections, out on the loop - you can see the snow in the background.
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TRS will have the Raga models available with the e start later this year, after the Virus thing blows over - the battery is situated behind the headlight - Neat. ( We already have the Xtrack E-Start model)
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Some great old stuff being posted on the web these days - tons of pics from the 50’s -60’s when I was riding in the UK - The best time for Trials in many ways.
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When Touring was a real challenge!!!

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Here is a link to John Moffat’s latest site, which now has about 2,000 members - they are posting lots of great old pics.  Check it out>>
Trials Riding When Stopping Meant A Five!


With things being very quiet - How about taking this challenge ?
How much do you know about Motorcycle Trials & Trials Bikes? Questions are based on mainly classic bikes and riders. Take our quiz and test your knowledge!


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