Sunday March 29th 2020

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And here is a great shot of likely the best Scottish rider ever on Pipeline  - Gary MacDonald - watched by Bernie Schreiber on the left, at the 2019 Classic event.
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Check out this old Photo from the Isle of Man - Babs & myself watched the TT races from this very spot in 1961, when riders were coming through the right hand bend at over 100mph. - The left side of the road had been built up into a high bank by that time, and riders were just skimming this while still going flat out, -Amazing.
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While we are going through  very uncertain times, for those people thinking about buying a Trials bike - it might be the best time, as the Euro jumped 12 cents last week - and who knows what the future holds for Importers of our bikes?  Any models in stock at the moment might be cheap compared to what is coming down the pipe!!


Like many people, I have been watching and listening to all the reports on how the Corona Virus effects people and as somebody who suffered with very bad Asthma for 25 years while growing up, I can tell you it’s not something you ever want to experience. if this virus  is at all similar.  - My condition was so bad while a kid that I could not lie down in bed -( I could not breathe)  I had to be propped up with a special backrest made by my Grandad. - When these attacks were at their worst, my shoulders would be hunched up, and of course breathing was  really difficult.  wheezing and coughing - terrible but even now as an old man, I can still remember this - I missed so much schooling that it’s a wonder I learned anything, in fact my mother was told by the Doctor, not to expect me to live beyond age 14. !!! ( Sure fooled him!!)
However, at age 15, I left school, and started work as an apprentice Photo Engraver, and finally started to improve. - but the biggest breakthrough , was when I started Motorcycling - maybe it was the open air - the exercise, I don’t know, but I was still on medications most of the time. They prescribed a drug called Ethadryne back then - which I found out just recently is a type of “Speed!!”
Then a miracle happened, we moved to Alberta in 1965, and the dry air and new lifestyle suited me just fine - although I still carried a “Puffer” with me - I was finally “Fit”

I have told this story, only because I would not like to see anybody go through what I did growing up - believe me there were many times that I thought I was going to die.  - Any lung disease is simply terrible, and if what I’ve heard about this new virus is true, these people are dying a horrible death.  Please stay safe and don’t take chances.


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