Tuesday April 21st 2020

This is a great old shot of Jordi on the TR34 Beta - It was a time of change in World Trials, with more and more very steep, stadium type obstacles added to to sections, so this bike with MX style expansion chamber gave Jordi that instant quick boost of power to get up the big walls and of course so began the era of the “Clutch”
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And this is one taken from a video clip of me on the 2015 Evo 200  up on Bear ridge - doesn’t look like much on the pic  from this angle - but is actually quite a steep sharp uphill - not difficult, even for an old guy, using 3rd gear for momentum over the top.  - I think that bike ended up in Winnipeg.
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A couple of birthdays to report today - Queen Elizabeth is 94 and Graham Jarvis is 40 something  ( not sure)


Today looks to be quite a busy day - parts & accessories to ship off - weather looks to be a bit cloudy.  Anybody notice that the mosquitoes are alive and about!!! - We need to get one of them electronic zappers for the back deck, both Babsy & myself got a lot of bites  from the little buggers the other night.

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