Thursday April 23rd 2020

The best part of our Wednesday - started when I arrived in Penticton to deliver a new Beta Evo 80 junior to young Leo Munns - Now some might recall  that this lad, when he could barely walk - was entertaining our local group around the campfire on his small wooden wheeled kids bike. Wow - Kids grow up and Leo is not the only one that we have seen  progress  - ( We now have Three really good local prospects)
Because Trials is such a family sport, we really applaud all the Mum’s & Dads who get the kids involved - it ain’t cheap - but neither is Hockey or Basketball etc etc -

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Leo explains how the gas tap works to his little sister.
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Later I met Ted Pepperdine at Summerland for a ride - started raining when I got to the “Bird Bath”  and never let up all afternoon, but we had a great time, two old codgers out having fun exploring some trails. - I took the Xtrack estart for Ted to check out, and  he was quite impressed - the power and suspension certainly are fantastic, plus of course the “magic button”  saves a lot of energy.

We both got pretty wet and our hands got cold making clutch control difficult - but what a great day. and no snow at all  - ( next time it’s the turn of the Evo 200 - I’m spoiled for choice)

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I didn’t take many pics as it was so wet - but we did see the Black Stallion hiding behind a tree in the meadow checking us out - no sign of his brood of mares. - At another spot we listened to the Sand cranes high above in the clouds talking to each other - must have been hundreds of them, quite a racket.

One thing we noticed while driving into the riding area, was a bunch of garbage, left near the road, where some enduro guys were camped over the Easter weekend  ( Ted had seen them while out for a hike) -Yes they had collected most of it into plastic bags , but why leave it there ?
This is an old shot of Taff from another great weekend in that area - the section looks a bit like “The Devil’s Staircase” - One of the best Section’s Pete and myself cut out years ago.  It’s Taff’s birthday today - so have good one buddy.
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