Saturday April 25th 2020

The rider is I believe Les Crowder from Liverpool competing in the Scottish when he was certainly getting on in years.  Note :  the spare tube tied to the Handlebars. - Les used to ride some of our local Trials when I lived in North Wales


Another good video>>>
Riviviamo insieme le prime due gare del Mondiale trial 1991 Dove i nostri portacolori Bosis e Miglio ci regalano un primo e secondo nella prova Inglese davan…


Here is good memory of Adam Raga’s first World round win on the brand new TRS - it was in Japan

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While I’ve never been much of a Vintage nut (Except that I am now one!!)  You have to admire the workmanship and dedication that many of these enthusiasts put into the old bikes - of course the end result is that they sell for unbelievable prices ( in normal times)

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So yesterday - Chris (from Revvy) stopped by to pick up bunch of money I had for him from the sale of his 2017 TRS ( went to Vancouver) - We had a bit of a chat from a distance, discussing the current situation with the virus etc. and the need for everybody to  be very careful about staying apart both when parking and riding, but we both agree  that being  out in  the woods in limited numbers, is not going to spread this terrible Pandemic -  AS LONG AS EVERYBODY REMEMBERS TO KEEP A DISTANCE. - The other thing we talked about was the general public aspect - in other words keeping a good image for our sport has always been difficult - even one bad guy - can undo everything that Clubs have worked so hard and for so many years.

I mentioned a couple of days ago how I  saw all the garbage left near our riding area in Summerland   - that is just one example of why we all get a bad name -  - We have all seen the discarded beer cans out in the woods - pick it up !!!  ( I saw a couple last week & picked them up - put them in my Outlaw Backpack.)

Hopefully somehow the people that do all these dumb things will hear what I called them - they are putting the future of riding in these beautiful places in jeopardy.


Weather for the weekend looks a bit iffy - but Sunday I’m planning on going over  to the Westside for a ride with Roy -  I think I will take the Evo 200 which will be fitted with a new S3 Titanium header pipe ( Kindly supplied by buddy Harlow)  I had one of these on one of my 200’s a few years ago - but it went with the bike when it got sold - what it does is saves a bit of weight, and also makes the Beta rev more - As most people know, I’ve been promoting the Evo 200 ever since 2009 and my demos are always in big demand ( Yes I know a few tricks on how to improve the already great performance)


Yesterday it seemed the phone was going steady - calls from everywhere  for parts - accessories or just plain advice - I get quite a few from Saskatchewan  where I have been shipping parts for all brands for years. - I  always feel good if I can solve their problem over the phone. - As I’ve often said - if in doubt, give me a call, I might not have the part you need, but I can certainly point you in the right direction - in the Trials world we are all “Family”


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