Wednesday April 29th 2020

This pic was just posted as a thought provoking idea of how a bike like this would sell today as well as other models such as the Honda XR 650 - Kaw 650 etc - Simple design really compared to what the factories are promoting today - What are your thoughts?

How many bikes is enough ?  Well this is Bernie Schreiber with a local collectors machines in Zurich

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Here is a great pic from the Scottish - back when they used this section called Edramucky. ( Photo by Ian Laurie)
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And for our Spitfire enthusiasts !!
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Yesterday was a busy day - first  a quick load up of all the winter junk out of the car port & off to the dump - then - back home to pick up some Wulf stuff to take to the Post office - and stop off at the Bank - both of the latter projects, now taking quite a long time as we line up to self distance , plus of course the banks are now only open for a few hours.

- I did have a nice chat with an Indian rider  ( A white guy riding an Indian Motorcycle !!!)  who parked alongside me at the Bank - he told me he just loves his bike, best one he has owned and very comfortable  for long rides. - I couldn’t help but tell him the story of Babsy & myself doing 3,000miles through Europe on a Norton 600 back in 1963.  ( we had lots of time to chat in the line-up)


Back at home - another Wulf shipment had arrived, so it was back to packing up Helmets & boots for going out tomorrow. - The problem with this latest Pandemic, is we are at a loss to really know what and how much to stock - Yes we have quite a lot on hand - but we are lucky to get the 4 day delivery from Wulf, which helps big time.  - Some readers may have seen the pic of me from last Sunday wearing the Wulf gear - all very smart and hard wearing ( made in Scotland) - The Trials boots I find really comfortable - although the white/yellow riding gear was a one-off order to see how it matched the TRS color scheme.

Be sure to check with us if you need more info on all this riding gear.


As many of you will have noticed - Trials bikes are getting pretty scarce at the moment, due to the shut down of the Factories - there are still a few good bikes available from both Beta and TRS, but these will be grabbed up soon - and don’t forget, with the shake up in the money market, any new 2021 models are certainly going to be up in price, - so now you know “The rest of the Story”  - You know how to contact me - you will never get a better deal.


PSSSST - Anybody looking for a 2020 Beta Evo 300 Factory ?? - I know where the last one is.


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