Thursday April 30th 2020

As most of you regular readers know - I scour the various websites for news from all over  to maybe add some  interesting stories or pictures from our Motorcycle World. -

Sometimes it will bring back memories for some - including myself - because as we all get older - it’s the memories that we have and share - that seem to make this crazy Motorcycle life we live - all worthwhile.

This is a great shot of Bernie Schreiber at the Scottish - look at the crowds - I wonder how many young kids were inspired to get a Trials bike by watching guys like Bernie?

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And this is likely a woman that should have been the World Ladies Trials Champion - at one point - but along came Laia Sanz and Emma Bristow. - I wonder if anybody remembers her name? ( Pic by Heath)
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A Flying Squirrel  from yesteryear - my Dad had one of them when he was a young guy - but then came the war and I have no idea what happened to it ( He also had a Bugatti)
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Here’s a pic of our old friend Walt Healy, taken when he visited us in Vernon a few years ago.

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As we enter the “Normal” riding season - I wonder how many have actually been out on the Trails ?  We have been careful not to join any large numbers, actually keeping things secret, but only because I’m at a very bad age to take chances on health scares like this. - This present situation, has been very hard on both family and business - for a lot of folks  - as old age pensioners, Babsy and myself perhaps have less to lose that younger people, but I still want to get out on my Bike !!! - Babsy has not been out of the house now for 5 weeks !!!!!

Amazing to say, that she still has her sense of humor, and still answers the phone to customers.  ( She is likely one of the few women that know the difference between a 2 stroke and a 4stroke)

And as I mentioned 4 Stroke - I had a flash of maybe  the worst  modern Trials bike ever built - the 2005 Sherco 320 4T

- Now I’m sure that the designer had great ideas, and was under the gun to come up with a 4 stroke, because the FIM told all the factories that they had to be ALL four stroke by 2006 .  -

Then maybe somebody investigated the Honda input into this ruling - and low and behold, we are back to a sane and fair sport. - But getting back to the Sherco 4T  - the best story I can tell you about this model, was that every morning I would go out to my shop and try different starting methods ( Now remember I come from the UK where we all rode British bikes - plus I had a Yamaha 500 as a demo back in the day)  - one day I came back in for my morning coffee, and Babsy said - “So how many kicks today? I counted 32 !!!!!  )

Interestingly enough - I spent about 3 months working with Jimmy Corkle on this model, and we did improve things, plus were able to give the factory our findings ( which they appreciated) - the later 2008 model was much better, but still a killer to  start if you stalled it  . ( I have a video of me riding it at White Lake and while it was fun, I found that you had to ride it like a two-stroke all clutch & throttle) -  - I sold this bike to Pete, but only because I gave up fighting with him  on why he shouldn’t buy it.

Looking back at that first 05 Model - I had a guy from the Shuswap stop by looking for a Trials bike. and he really liked the idea of this Sherco ( It was a good looking bike)  - So putting on my best sales-guy face I said - Well if you can start it - then I’ll sell it to you. - Wouldn’t you know it - he gave it one kick and it started !! and that is is the only time that ever happened with that bike “SOLD” I said.
Of course Graeme Jarvis won the Scottish on one ( Tricked up)  - but for that he deserved a share of the company - the pics of his face from that week show exactly just how much effort it took to ride the big thumper.
He was likely always thinking “Don’t stall you bastard”


And as if Fort Mac hadn’t had enough, with the big fire, then a downturn in the Economy - now they have floods - our thoughts and best wishes go to our friends who live up there. - I first drove up to Ft Mac in October 1973, in my Yamaha Canada company car ( A Rambler) - the road was still gravel back then. The only hotel was the Peter Pond, and they they had no rooms !!! - So I drove the 300 odd KM back to Edmonton !!!
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Yesterday I was down town early again to ship off more Wulf helmets - another three this time - then it was home for coffee, before going out to the shop to do some chores - after doing an Opti change on the Xtrack - I decided that I should check the air filter, as I was out in some mud & water  last week .

I had been sort of putting this off, because the battery and other electrical stuff sits on top of the airbox lid on this bike.  To my surprise everything proved to be dead easy, and better yet - the airbox and filter were as clean as a whistle.  ( another big plus for Jordi’s design)


Our video clip today is kind of special - check it out >>> post


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