Friday May 15th 2020

We received an email from John Kitchener who is stranded in the UK at the moment due to the Pandemic - he mentioned the blogs we have posted on the Scottish, which are of special interest to him as he has ridden the event a number of times. - Like myself, John fails to either understand or appreciate some of the changes to the sport of Trials that have occurred over the past decade. - But of course the young guys would just say ‘That’s because you are old”


On Thursday, I spent a very enjoyable afternoon out riding with Emily Roberts of Mojo Motorcycle Magazine. - Emily lives in Revvy and has a quite prestigious background in the Motorcycle / Magazine World. She is a very accomplished Down-hill Mountain biker, has taught Motorcycle skills while in Ontario, and is a very charming and adept Off Road Motorcyclist. - - For Emily, Trials was the one thing she had not tried, so we met up and went for a ride on the Westside of Okanagan Lake.

I took along a new 2020 Beta Evo 200 and a TRS Estart Xtrack 300 for testing purposes. - With the weather pretty much perfect, we enjoyed a pleasant afternoon with me as a coach, and then as a guide out into the hills overlooking the beautiful OK Valley. - It truly was a fantastic afternoon, lots of fun, and good for the soul in these uncertain times. ( Thanks to Roy for his Hospitality in The Valley of the Sun)
The shots below, show Emily on both the Beta and the TRS , tackling sections that I had pointed her at - with the end result being certainly a plus for her in Trials ability,  she is a quick learner, with a lot of natural ability and yes, she now wants to get a Trials bike. ( Watch for an upcoming article in Motorcycle Mojo Magazine)

A view from one of the “Private” spots we visited.
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You can learn more about Emily by clicking on here> Emily Roberts: Motorcycling


So after such an epic start to my long weekend - it’s hard to say what will follow - although the Pandemic doesn’t appear to have deterred too many Alberta folk from heading to our Valley for what is usually a very busy weekend on the beaches - not sure how the officials will handle the traffic.


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