Saturday May 16th 2020

One of the main reasons why I still like to get out on a Trials bike, is to see the wonderful Valley we live in and smell the clean fresh air. - The wild flowers at this time of the year are absolutely gorgeous to see, and the views of Lake Okanagan are out of this world. - This is a pic I took yesterday, while we were sat down on a hillside, enjoying the sandwiches  and pop that I picked up from Butcher Boys in Vernon. - They are made fresh everyday and always a good selection. -

Although a very skilled off road rider, Trials for Emily was something new, so we started off with practicing “Double Blip” and getting the timing right.

Check out this style - PERFECT as Mart Lampkin would say.

As mentioned, Emily is well skilled in other aspects of Motorcycling - this pic  is from one of her rides on an Enduro trip up North someplace. - Don’t forget to subscribe to Motorcycle Mojo to see Emily’s report on her day out with Outlaw Dave.
2020 Fundy Adventure Motorcycle Rally | Motorcycle Mojo


Recently we have seen a number of posts of the garbage left by idiots in some of our riding areas, and I mentioned that a bunch of garbage bags were left near our Summerland  spot the last long weekend by dirt riders ( not Trials riders) from Alberta, who had camped out near the gravel road. - Well our good buddy  Dale Wellborn, took the time to pick up all this trash last week, so kudus to him and everybody else who helps keep our forests clean.  - The only way to shame these people is to take pics and post them (with license plates if possible) and report them.  - I still find it unbelievable that this is still happening.


Your video for today >> TRIAL TECHNIC “La curva” Una guida ragionata al migliore apprendimento del fondamentale della “Curva”. Ho lasciato molto spazio alle immagini per agevolare la migliore comprensione d…


The 2020 TRS bikes are “Stunning” - Check with us for more details.
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This is Mick Andrews at the 1980 Scottish Six Days riding the Majesty where he finished 4th - I wonder how many people know what the name Majesty ” stands for?


Below we have a flash back to 2016 and an early season ride at Summerland with Josef and Graeme Manning - A remember this being a fun day blasting through the snow drifts..


If somebody offers you a “Great Deal” on a Mont 4T - chances are it’s stolen - this was nicked out of a locked van while parked in Vancouver.

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