Monday May 18th 2020

Well today, we should have been hosting the  WTC Canadian National - !!! What a blow for all Sporting enthusiasts - However, we hope that all our riders, manage to at least get out in organized groups and distance themselves as the Professional  Doctors are broadcasting.

To disregard Instructions at a time like this this - would be stupid - think of how you would feel if you got this virus, then passed it on to a family member ? -  How would you live with yourself if you brought this virus home?

Obviously, everything we do at the moment is like stepping into a new World - but perhaps this might be a good lesson for future generations about hygiene  both personal and for  business operations especially in the food chain.


A sad weekend for our Canadian Snowbirds, with the crash in Kamloops. RIP Capt Jenn Casey.

A video for today .
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (Official)

And it was on this day that 19 Lancaster bombers took off to bomb the Dams in the Ruhr Valley of Germany - led by Guy Gibson ( Who would die later in the war on a mission flying a Mosquito )  - Although classed as a success, with the “Bouncing Bomb”  designed by Barnes Wallis, taking out a number of dams, only 11 aircraft returned, with 56 airman killed. - Most of the practice for this raid was done in the Elan Valley of Wales.

The 2020 TRRS “Gold” has now been released - This is the top of the line model from the Jordi Tarres Factory - available by special order. (If you have to ask the price - you can’t afford one)


Most of the top riders start at an early age - here is Adam Raga at 8 years old


Check out this story - quite long, but worth the read. Meet Ron and Jean Hetherington By Mindy Smith Ron and Jean Hetherington are AMA members who live on a quiet cul-de-sac in Huntington Beach, Calif., where their neighbors know them well. They are the original owners of their home of 55


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