Tuesday May 19th 2020

Yesterday we showed you the new 2020/21 TRS Gold - which will soon be available - today, here is the same model with the optional electric start.  We have no idea when we will get these very limited models in Canada - with very few Airlines operating and restrictions on everything, we will just have to wait and see. -Sorry the pic got a bit distorted.

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We hope everybody enjoyed their May Long Weekend - we didn’t notice any slow-down in the traffic going by our driveway or out on the Hiway - so obviously the message to stay home went on deaf ears to a lot of people.

We did have one customer stop by to pick up a few things. and managed to get a few more chores done, but otherwise a very quiet time.

We heard from the Quebec club, to say that they also cancelled their WTC National because of the Pandemic - like us they will wait and see how things look later in the year.

Gary Nordstrom of Vancouver Island, turned 75 yesterday - so birthday greetings to him ( I remember that I did my last Joss trip when I reached that age)


And 40 years ago - this was the big story - I remember that I was traveling in the Cranbrook area, and my Company Car started acting up - turned out the air cleaner was full of ash from the eruption.
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No idea who took this shot of their IT Yam being towed by the Pinto.


Video for today >>>



A blast from the past - the kids at the Outlaw 6 years ago - some are now over 6ft tall !!!!
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