Thursday May 21st 2020

Looks like a wet day in the Valley but that’s OK I have nothing planned.

Here’s an interesting story - Tim Gibbes was a very good ISDT rider and also appeared in the film “The Great Escape”

Bultacos go missing
Along with other things I, or should I say my company Tim Gibbes Motors Ltd., was Bultaco importer for NZ a long time ago, probably about 1970 to 1976.
At the time their trials bikes were good, but the company was almost impossible to deal with as their filing system was a large dining room table with all papers piled high, with an open door each side to blow the papers about.
After ordering & paying for a container load of more than 30 of Bultaco containg various models like Sherpa, Lobito, Bandito, Pursang, etc.
I waited several months but called the factory in Spain often to always be told “yes they’re coming!”
But they never came. So I claimed on my insurance. After 2 years or so the insurance co. got back to me to say they had located the container, BUT it was at the bottom of the Mediteranean.
Apparently they had been loaded on to a ship in Portugal, but just at that time there was civil unrest & riots at the port, so the ship hurriedly left port, but to gain speed more quickly flicked off its container load as it headed out to sea!
So the end result was that I never did get the bikes & because it was because of riots the insurance wasn’t valid either! Oh dear, yet another life challenge!
I’m attaching a couple of pics showing my “Bultaco Corolla” rally car, & what the Bultaco Sherpa’s were good at doing.
And this pic - because I couldn’t find anything else to post !!
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