Friday May 22nd 2020

Please read this if you plan on riding in Revy at anytime.

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The importance of this is crucial for our club as the nominal fees are how we are able to maintain our track & trails. The waivers are to keep us all safe and are necessary to abide by our insurance regulations. If we cannot encourage all to abide by these simple rules, we will be forced to give up our beautiful riding area.
Since we are a non-profit club we cannot pay someone to man the Kiosk everyday. We would like to ask as members that you encourage your guests to sign and pay. If you notice someone who has not paid, you can introduce yourself, start a conversation, ask if they enjoyed their ride, how do you like our track/trails area, did you notice the Kiosk where the waivers and payment box is? Many options to break that ice if you feel comfortable doing so!
1. 1st gear only in pit area: no accelerating or wheelies. Safety is our #1 priority!
2. 96db maximum sound level: Loud bikes will be tested. Violators must repair or
replace mufflers to comply.
3. Club membership or $10 day pass is mandatory to ride tracks.
4. You are in bear country, please haul out your garbage.
5. All riders must have appropriate safety apparel, and bikes must be in proper
working condition.
6. Minors (16 and under) require adult supervision.
7. This is a family facility: please use common sense.
8. All dogs must be tied up or on a leash at all times, no exceptions.
1. Be aware of two-way traffic and the possibility of animals at all times.
2. Ride in control at all times. Maintain a safe speed and distance from riders to ensure you avoid collisions.
3. Club membership or a $10 day pass is mandatory to ride trails.
4. There is no riding permitted on the Frisby Ridge alpine mountain bike trail, or anywhere on BC Hydro property (across Westside Rd) near the dam.
5. Consult the Information Kiosk prior to riding. Red exclamation points on the map are
features or obstacles requiring a higher level of skill.
6. Never ride alone.
7. Respect the trails and only ride within your ability. If you are stuck or feel you are over your head, turn around. Spinning out destroys the trail.
8. Be sensitive to wet areas and do not ride in heavy rain. Avoid heavy throttle or any type of riding that could damage the soft ground.
9. Please stay on the trails to avoid harming vegetation
10. Off-Road Vehicles (ORV’s) must be registered and display a plate or decal showing
proper identification for operation on Crown Land including Forest Service Roads (FSR’s). Exempt are ORV’s designed to be operated by a child 11 years of age or younger. Proof of driver’s license and insurance is required to use or cross FSR’s
So being Friday - I’m sure that the wet weather forecast for today and through the weekend in various places    ( even snow)  will be a bit of a downer for many.
Not much in the news  today as yet - keep watching!!

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