Saturday May 23rd 2020

Coming soon !!


Somebody emailed today asking when the next big  event would be happening - Well !  This will be be June 1st for a lot of guys in Vernon, when the main Barber Shop re-opens !!!


Another dreary morning out there, but supposed to clear up tomorrow !!  - Although a few business places are starting to open up - some will not recover from this Pandemic - and I venture to say I doubt things will ever get back to “Normal”

Over in the UK it’s a Bank Holiday weekend. but everything is still in a “Lock-down” - I even got an email from a Beta owner who was looking for info from me, as John Lampkin is shut, until August. ( He says)

We did get a phone call from Martin ( Lucas) and that was nice, a very long chat to discuss the current situation, and like us, both he and Julie,  have stayed close to home in Celista for the past couple of months.

And just to cheer everybody up - here is a funny pic that showed up on FB - not sure if it’s photo-shopped but still neat.
Image may contain: people sitting, outdoor and water


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