Sunday May 24th 2020

This is an old pic fro the 1960’s and shows riders all waiting to tackle a section in the Victory Trial, which was always held quite close to where I lived in the UK. - It was obviously a very muddy and difficult Trial causing all the riders to “Bunch up” ( Back then you usually started one per minute as I recall)  there are quite a few of famous names in that group - let me know if you recognize anyone!! ( The “Works riders always pushed their way to the front of the queue.) You will notice only one rider wearing a helmet,  but who is it?


In 1975 Yamaha developed the first Mono Trials bike - called the “Cantalever”  - While it was very successful, with Mick winning the Scottish - the Factory went back to the twin shock set up seen here, which is the bike Mick brought to our Canadian World round. - While there have been many wise comments posted about the fact that this was done to keep the design and it’s success, “Secret” from other Japanese Factories. - The truth is that the shock used from the YZ model - was very long and did not work well at slow speed, plus the weight was high under the tank, not ideal for Trials competition. - Yes the bike was ahead of it’s time, with a “Pumper” carb from a snowmobile and other trick parts, but for a production model, - the Factory planned 4 years ahead., and the projected market and sales numbers, were a big factor. -

How do I know this? Well as most people are aware, I worked for Yamaha Canada from 1973-1984, and because of my involvement with the Competition dept, and the Promotion of Trials, I was able to chat to Mick about some of these “Secrets”.
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We hope that you are all enjoying this “Sunday Preview”

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