Monday May 25th 2020

A couple of weeks ago - Dave Johnston phoned me, but I was out - As this  report says, he was the observer on the section where the great Gordon Jackson lost his only point back in 1961 at the Scottish. - I knew David when I lived in Calgary and he did visit us once, back a few years at a time when he was working for Reynold Chains. - Although he was never involved too much in the Canadian Trials scene as a rider, ( As I recall)  he did have a Montesa Dealership for a while in Calgary, and of course being Scottish he has a real understanding about Trials and the SSDT - maybe he will call me back one day. - This is a  pic of the article than was in the 100 year SSDT program, which John Dearie kindly brought back for me. -
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John Shirt posted this Eric Kitchen photo of him taking a dive at the Scottish - He said it was late in the week and he was dead tired, I’m sure we have all had “Oh Shit” moments like this.

So how was ‘Your” weekend - did you get out riding ? -  Once again we stayed home, but there are quite a lot of pics being posted on FB of people out in the mountains ( some not doing much  Social Distancing)

We have seen pics from the UK showing garbage everywhere, outside fast food places, I guess it’s the same all over these days - a total lack of respect for anybody and everything. -  very sad state of affairs.
========================================>And now for some video >>>


So here is a rather unusual pic of  a Great guy - But can anybody name the other famous onlooker with his mouth wide open ??  -Hint he wrote a regular column for the Motorcycle Press in the UK.
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