Wednesday May 27th 2020

Here is an unusual pic for me to post on a Motorcycle  blog - but there is a reason - the Photo is by Pete Arnell from Cochrane Alberta, and at one time a very good Trials rider.  - I haven’t seen Pete for decades and did not know that he was such a great ( and I mean great) Photographer.  The pics he has recently posted on FB of Wildlife are spectacular.
No photo description available.

Still on Canadian News > Trial World Championship 1989 (Round 5 Canada) On Sunday June 4th, 1989 the small town of Tweed, Ontario, Canada hosted the Trial World Championship 1989. The event was co-run by the Amateur Trials Associ…


While I was out today - working on a practice section we plan on calling “Hully Gully”  over on the Westside - Stan called, with the correct answer to my latest quiz - The guy in the pic is Ralf Venables- a very well known contributor to the motorcycle press back in the day.
Although he wasn’t the first ( one correct answer came from the UK) - I’m sorry I missed his call - Obviously we are all sad missing getting together for our Trials events and Camp outs - but it’s nice that many people remember to phone and Babsy really enjoys talking to the gang, as has been pretty much house-bound for over two months.
While many riders have stayed home - others have been out clearing trails - staying “Distant”  - This is what I’ve been doing - just getting out the odd time, for some exercise and fresh air - as the years go by, I find I tend to by-pass a lot of big “Ups” - where a malfunction could be a disaster at my age - especially during this time. -

However - there is one climb over at “Roy’s place - that I like to zip up, and today on the Evo 200 in 3rd -  was just what I needed to give me a bit of spark !! - in fact I just had to go around and do it again.
We have Beta Boss Steve Howland coming into town today and he wants me to take him out on the Trials bike - I will let you know  if and how this turns out.

Quiz for today - Anybody recognize anybody ??

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