Thursday May 28th 2020

A blast from the past - me “Scrambling” back in 1956. - the bike is a 197cc James Cotswold, which I rode to the meeting and used as everyday transportation.
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The latest issue of  “On the Pegs”  is now available in digital form, and has some interesting stuff in it - A good article on Kirk Mayfield from the States and his life in Trials, over quite a span, including riding a Factory Yamaha at the Scottish. - Also an interview with Dougie, all good reading. ( google it)


video for those that like road racing  and scrambling, & Trials
Road Racing

VETO ( Vintage English Trials Organization)


We got a call from Guy Smeeth of the CPTA yesterday, telling me that they are considering holding the Team Squid/Outlaw Trial in July, and asking my thoughts. - Obviously the only sensible thing to do at the moment, is take things as they come, and hopefully another month will tell us if this might be possible. -

Today - I will be heading to Summerland to meet up with Team Beta - I took Beta Boss Steve Howland there in 2016 and he really loved it so he wants to go again - Sammy will also join us., and may remember some of the sections I showed him when he first came to Canada. ( Some big stuff)

I noticed a video of Jordi ( in Spanish) of him showing off some of the gear he wore in his prime - including the Alpine Star “No Stop” boots - that reminded me of our experience with the product. -

While we sold a lot of these in the early 90’s - they proved to be a real problem, with 12 pair falling apart and customers not happy - we contacted the Company ( Through the Canadian Importer and our friend out of Calgary)  but they said there was nothing they could do. - ( We took all the boots back and replaced with Gaerne)
This was of course like showing a red flag to a bull, and I wasted no time in drafting up a letter ( no CP’s back then) Explaining that if we did not receive satisfaction, a copy of this letter which was very specific and included pics - would be sent to every Motorcycle Publication in Europe and North America.  -

Of course they then said they would replace them - However I was not interested in getting any more of the same crap, so  I agreed to take the MX Tech Boots in exchange, which I then wholesaled to my dealer network, to get my money back.

Suffice to say  that I have never sold any Alpine Star products since ( I don’t care how good they are these days) - Bullshit is Bullshit and Customer satisfaction rules.


This is a pic of Shane Cook - Dad of Jake Cook, who we sponsored back a few years - never saw Shane ride but Jake did well although he seems to have dropped out of the sport these days - He might still be living/working in Ft Mac.   - Seems the pic was taken in Spain many years ago, looks like a pretty steep climb.
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