Friday May 29th 2020

Sometimes the best part of any ride, is reaching that high peak, where you can sit down, relax and simply enjoy the moment. - This pic taken in Europe before the Pandemic.

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Here’s a thought - how many young guys - under 20, do you know who have saved up their money to buy a new or used Dirt bike? - I know that I can’t remember ever selling a Trials bike to anybody in this age group that wasn’t paid for by parents.
Back in my day, we scraped up and saved until we could afford a down-payment, ( called Hire-Purchase in the UK)  -

This being the case, is it any wonder that the biggest rider group is in the 40 plus range?

Even if we consider that parents buy their kids new mini-bikes  to encourage them - few kids ever graduate to the adult ranks with bikes they have bought themselves.


Here is a pic of Ross - Our #1 Trials Master for the Outlaw Trials at Scotch Creek - this pic taken a few years ago when we delivered another new Beta to him ( There have been several since then)


Thursday I met up with Steve Howland the Beta Canada boss at Summerland to go for a ride around the Outlaw loop - Sammy was unable to come because of prior commitments - But Steve and I had a really good time out in the back country. - Although I don’t ride sections anymore, I was able to show Steve a lot of the ones we have used in the past and he did really well - sitting on the back deck with a cool one later in the afternoon Babsy asked me how he did  ! ( Steve was on the other side in the lounger) I said perhaps 300% better than 4 years ago !! - but to be fair even back then Steve rode the Evo 300 4T very well.

To have the Boss of any Trials Importer, take the time to spend time with a dealer and listen to how things are in the market, is  huge - but also smart.  - Only by listening to what is happening at the grass roots level, can any factory succeed. -

When we sat on the deck - I got into some stories about my Yamaha days, but one story I didn’t tell, was when I was summoned to a dinner with the Japanese staff while in Japan in 1976. - they were all very polite and wanted to know about my idea on a rear chain tensioner for the IT Enduro bikes. - Back in Canada, my Walt Healy Yamaha YZ 250 had become the basis for the new upcoming IT series, so I guess they must have figured I was some kind of smart dude (wrong)

- Anyway as I said they were all very polite - dressed in suits - so I drew out my idea on a  table napkin. - guess what - this was exactly what was on the later IT and YZ models. - And all I got out of it was a couple of drinks !! but that was OK with me.

This is a pic of Beta Steve on a rock step - He practiced this a few times and learned a lot. - The bike is a 2020 Evo 200.  Check with me if you are in the market for one, they really are amazing.
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