Saturday May 29th 2020

Who recognizes this great rider who sadly passed away in 2019?
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Tony Allen ( seen leading here) posted to say how much he misses the Vernon races - Hopefully they will be happening sooner than later. Great terrain in this area.
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Looking ahead to both the future of Motorcycle sport and in particular  “Trials”  - I wonder where things will go in the next 5-10 years? -  Obviously, the Pandemic will have taken many buyers out of the market, because of economic reasons. - But how about the Land issues plus the Social aspect ?
We have seen a lot of changes in the World of Trials in the past few years - but this has not improved Sales of new machines, - Could this be that the general public are getting the wrong idea about what Motorcycle Trials are all about?

Every day, we see video posts on FB of Trials riders hopping from rock to rock !!!! - Does this inspire a viewer to dash out and buy a Trials bike ? - Obviously not.  - In Europe the biggest growth in Motorcycle Trials, has been in the Vintage events - in other words - old guys with the money, fixing up old bikes to ride stuff they used to ride.

So where do we go from here?   - I know  some of the young Experts will say - Oh the old guy has got it all wrong - he just isn’t up to the modern times.  - But consider this - most of the recent Trials in Canada, have only had maybe 3-4 Expert  riders - most of them sponsored. - so the event organizer, has to spend a lot of time catering to the smallest rider entry. Trying to “Get it right” for all abilities, is a real challenge, and one that demands a tremendous amount of experience.
How many Trials bikes do you think get sold by Trials dealers at full retail to Expert Trials riders? easy answer to that one. - zero.
Having been in the Motorcycle Industry for some 40 years -and have been riding now for 65 years - I do have a bit of a grasp on what is going on - and try to help when I can, but you only learn by your mistakes, and believe me we ALL make mistakes, when setting up Trials events.
However, I see the World of Trials at a bit of a Cross Roads today. - a lot of the young guys want to hop and bop around a parking lot  ( watched by spectators) while the people who phone me asking about Trial’s - all want to simply get out in the woods riding a bike that is very mellow.  - ( remember Trials bike sales were huge when they came with a seat!!)
- We tend to spend a lot of time simply chatting about what the sport is all about   and that in my opinion is the future. - Just  to get people  to try a “Trials bike” and enjoy a day out in the woods - there are models to suit every age and ability, and some are now available with electric start - it’s all about having fun, and it’s a great family sport.

Video for today >>  TT3D: Closer to the Edge


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