Sunday June 14th 2020

With all the trouble going on in the UK and elsewhere  - I think this post pretty much sums things up - It would appear that the world has gone mad lately, with many  of the younger  generation, either not understanding why History is something that needs to be preserved, or being misled by instigators promoting civil disobedience.

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At least we have many good memories of growing up in the UK after the War - Motorcycles were a “Way of Life”  and kept a lot of the younger lads focused  - This is a fine example of a 500cc Ariel Trials bike, fully restored to it’s original condition - As Sammy Miller says “This was a Man’s bike”   and it took a man like Sammy to make the improvements on the stock machine, to change it from “Horrible” to a winner. -

My brother in Law had one for a short time, and I remember riding it through our Town of Oswestry  one day -  ( all the bikes were road registered) I had the engine on full “Retard” - to go slow through the traffic ( controlled by a lever on the handlebar)  - and it sounded a bit like a tractor. - It was much too big and heavy, for me (being short of stature) to ride in Trials sections.

The pic below is of the great Brian Stonebridge - and shows the ignition advance/retard lever on the handlebar just above the clutch lever - interesting to see him ‘Feathering” the clutch back in the day - when this was definitely not normal - but then again - Stonebridge was way ahead of his time in many aspects, working for both BSA and Greeves. - ( sadly killed in a car accident)


More Nostalgia - I nearly bought a DOT at one time - as they seemed to work well for Scrambling - but the front end was so heavy that I decided to stay with the James.

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A video for today - when British Norton’s ruled.


And a flashback  to when Sean Bird won the Super Stars on his Beta. - I remember taking this photo - very difficult section with a tight turn on a ledge in front of a straight up rock wall. - Actually I recall that Steve Day was likely the only rider that really got that turn spot on, by bouncing his front wheel off the wall while flicking the bike left - all about perfect timing.
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Well, My latest Wulf order of boots and clothing arrived yesterday - rather surprised to get this on a Saturday - but pleased to be able to package several orders and ship out.

The weather forecast  is for rain all day today, so a planned ride with Andrew Vipond, has been put on hold.       ( I had planned on taking the fantastic Beta Evo 125 out for a blast )- It looks to be a day to watch more golf on TV ( Yes they are back playing - but with no spectators).


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