Monday June 15th 2020

Chris Hrabb took this neat shot of his TRS Xtrack 300 ( Stripped in Trials mode) near Revvy last week - not sure which river this is, but it’s in full flood.

Yes the Gorgeous TRS “Gold” bikes for 2020 are now being delivered to Importers around the World - Only a very limited number of these are built each year, so placing your order in advance is super important, so far we know we have one just like this 280, coming for the old guy - Do I really need a top of the line bike like this with the estart? - of course not, but I’ve decided that it will be my 83rd birthday present - to myself!!!  - If you are thinking about one - better phone right away or it’s unlikely you will get lucky.
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I saw this  and couldn’t resist posting, even if it’s not one of “My girls” on the TRS Xtrack  - these bikes are just so perfect for gals that want to ride the trail networks we have, and with the electric start - it take all the worry about stalling on a side hill etc, out of the equation. - I’m not sure where this was taken, but it’s obviously in the Mountains and likely Italy or some other European area. ( Although she is wearing Fox gear?)

UPDATE;  Our good friend Chris Hrabb  informs us that this pic was taken in Russia !! Way to go Jordi getting your bikes into the Eastern bloc.

Aktash (Russian: Акташ) is a rural locality (a selo) in Ulagansky District, the Altai Republic, Russia. The population was 2418 as of 2016.[2] There are 24 streets.
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After a very stormy rainy week - today has dawned clear & bright with sunny skies - lets hope it lasts.


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