Tuesday June 16th 2020

This is a nice pic of a rider  sitting on an unusual Road Racer from the past - but who is the rider? and what is special about the bike?

And for those who like to see the ultimate road race video clips - check this out by Duke video.

and this earlier black & white version

Racing Together 1949-2016


Some of the old racers cleaned themselves up nice for the big trophy presentations - but who are these two?

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Those were the days - Brooklands Speedway in the UK.
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Back in the late 70’s - these two riders, were  at the top of their game - Bernie brought some of his trick riding into the sport with Floater turns and hops - Yrjo was a master at getting traction - after that Bultaco had gone broke, and the Japanese were looking at what they were led to believe was a huge market !! (Wrong) ( Pic by Pupi Alefredi)
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Happy birthday  today - to Italian Super Star  Agostini !!
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