Wednesday June 17th 2020

We have elected to post this letter by Chessy Knight regarding the ongoing issues between Mountain Bikers and TRIALS riders. - Note - This is happening all over, we have experienced this sort of thing in the Okanagan.

However, lets be fair and say that most Mountain Bikers and most Trials riders, behave in a very civilized manner.

The big issue as I see it, is the Mountain Bike Clubs have huge numbers, all willing to lobby for land use, whereas  the Trials riders ( and most Dirt bike riders) will not take the time to even write a letter to their own MP.

( Nothing new here, it’s been going on for decades)

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Hi gang, this is a post I just put up on Bike Squamish. There was an incident over the weekend between a trials rider and MTB riders. There are a number of comments to the FB post about the incident. I read all the comments before I wrote this post.
Oh folks, it saddens me greatly to see friction between MTB and trials riders…again First, let’s consider the facts of this incident:
  1. Trials motorbikes are definitely NOT allowed in Alice Lake Park, and our club (99 Trials Association) would never condone that.
  2. From what I can tell from several maps, and from what folks in the comments confirmed, Pamplemousse is NOT in the park. It’s a very crafty line, just skirting the edge of the park. A trials rider could ride up it from Jack’s, and down Credit Line to get back to Jack’s, and never enter the park.
  3. While the trail can be accessed by Jack’s Trail (thus the trials rider did not have to enter the park), as Dwayne pointed out, it’s also possible that this rider was accessing other trails in the park, I don’t know, and I sure hope not.
  4. One commented -  said that there are plenty of trails for “dirt bikes” to ride at Cat Lake and Lava Flow. Let me be clear… trials bikes and dirt bikes are not the same thing at all. Trials bikes get traction in a very different manner than a dirt bike, and we typically don’t ride Cat Lake or Lava Flow because those trails are too easy for a good trials bike rider.
  5. Trailforks will continue to create more of these types of problems (trials rider going up the trail, MTB going down, confusion about the “direction” of a trail). If a trail is indicated as “MTB Primary”, the expectation is that traffic is one way. This is not the case for many trails in the Highlands and Crumpit, and all the local riders know that. Trailforks will only be bringing more riding pressure into Squamish, and 99 Trials and SORCA continue to have discussions on the best way to manage this issue.
  6. It does not matter if the builder of Pamplemousse intended it as a one-way, downhill trail only. My apologies if I have offended the builder. However, many trails in the area are built by trials riders and when MTB’s discover them, they become MTB trails as well. Believe me, trials riders get just as frustrated when a “trials trail” is discovered by MTB, so remember, it goes both ways. We live with it, and the MTB community has an obligation to extend the same courtesy.
  7. There is no one to report this rider to, as there is no way the province could prove that he was in the park. Honestly, talking about this on FB, while not my favorite platform, is probably the best way to get the issue out there.
What’s the solution, gang? We have to exercise respect for each other. We can’t keep calling each other “fucker”, or “asshole”, or “dickhead”, etc. on Facebook, or on the trails. We can’t shame each other on Facebook. It does not work.
I agree that with the Highlands in particular, sometimes it’s better for trials riders to stay away (a sunny weekend, for example). I myself rarely ride it in such conditions because of the heavy MTB traffic (or I might stay on the Rigs side and exit from Mid-Life Crisis). But remember, this is a COURTESY… trials riders are not required or obligated to stay out of the Highlands.
Please, let’s be kinder to each other. Trials riders, you can stop and explain what our bikes are, where we are allowed to ride, yield to non-motorized, etc. Don’t ride up a trail when it’s super busy with MTBs coming down, use good judgement. Be polite. MTBers, please understand that trials riders will be on the trails; no one user group can claim a monopoly on a riding area, not unless the two clubs have explicitly agreed that a trail should be MTB only.
We gotta start giving each other a break. Please message me if you would like to discuss any of this further.
As most of our   OK/ Shuswap region riders know  - we are privileged to have many  places to ride - most of which are on Crown land. -
This for myself is the ultimate in order to get out into the woods - scale the Mountains and see the beauty of our land. - The use-age of these public lands, should NOT be confined to any group. - All tax paying Canadians are entitled to go anywhere on Public Land maintained  with Tax dollars.
Lets remember, that All Trials/Dirt bikes/Atv’s, using Crown land need - Registration, and Insurance !! BIG DOLLARS
- Do The Mountain Bikers pay anything????   -  If they don’t  - then who should have the louder voice?  Think about this.  -
It is my opinion that the Factories plus Organizing clubs, should be more vocal regarding contacting both the media and the Politicians - Yes your vote counts.  - We should be posting the GOOD stuff - whats wrong with sending invites to the local MLA’s to attend an event or club meeting - I would bet that 90% of these folk in Politics think  dirt bikes are just kids running around making trouble. -
Every weekend  in the Summer months - we have a zillion bicycle riders - going past our driveway on Pleasant Valley road in Vernon - - While this is not a problem for me - it does become frustrating when they ride 2-3 abreast on this very narrow Country road. - Some show some courtesy, while others don’t - again do they pay anything for the use and upkeep of the roads? - I think we all know the answer to that one. - Having lived out here for over ten years - I’m amazed we have not seen any fatalities. ( The one wearing team jersey’s seem to think they own the road !!)
While we are on the subject of equal rights etc - why don’t you read this - >>
Answer to yesterday Quiz pics
#1  Kiwi Rod Coleman on the  Supercharged AJS Porcupine.
#2  Roger De Coster & Pierre Karsmaker..
Only Cam Whiffing  from Ontario -got the 2nd one correct - nobody got both rider and machine in #1
Here is a pic of the bike without any fairing amazing engineering for 1938 - although Sir Frank Whittle did invent the Jet engine that same year, but the British government chose to rely on piston power for the Spitfire. - The Jerry’s introduced their version ME 110 - but it was too late in the war to make any difference. - and I read a report that although these were super fast they lost a lot of test pilots.
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I posted this because at this moment in time, many of the younger generation appear to either not know or care about one of the greatest leaders and Politicians of our time. -
You cannot erase what happened yesterday, and neither can you forecast what tomorrow may bring, - All anybody can do, is live for today, and enjoy everything that this will add to our lives..
Although we no longer live in England, I hope that this current situation with civil unrest is short-lived,  that sanity prevails and the bad lot either get deported or jailed. - A country without Law and order is nothing more than a land of eternal chaos.
There are no Black or white people - just people, -  However there sure as hell are bad people on both accounts.  - Yes there are things that need to change regarding the treatment of people of race - but looting and setting fire to property is done by criminals not by decent people wanting change.  -  To vandalize public Statues that are a part of History is a disgrace and should be punished - Kneeling down with a bunch of folk at some of these protests  - well to me that seems pointless
There is no doubt that Police tactics need to be addressed - we all know about one of our own being beaten to death by Vancouver City Cops and still no convictions   - it’s been going on now for at least five years - as they say - they look after their own - well maybe now our friends in Powell River might get some satisfaction - strangely because of events that have happened a World away.
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