Thursday June 18th 2020

So with the Father’s Day weekend coming up we are sending out an open invitation to anybody that wants to share a day riding at Summerland - There are trails for all abilities and we can guide when required. - Call or email me if you are interested - The plan at this time is to meet at the “Bird Bath” at 10.30am. - I will be bringing at least two demo bikes.

Let’s get out and have some enjoyment after this long solitude.


It’s unlikely that any of our readers will guess who the leading rider is in this group - he was a hell of a rider, but died alone in a care home with no known relatives - his name Tony Godfrey.
The hunt to unravel the mystery of 88-year-old Tony Godfrey who died without any known relatives has revealed him to be a motorsport daredevil who competed in the world's 'most dangerous' race - The Isle of Man TT. Pictured: Tony Godfrey leads the way in the Isle of Man TT.


This is a pic from a couple of weeks ago - when we had a visit from Beta Canada Boss Steve Howland - He took time out from his cross Canada  promotional tour  to go Trials riding with the old guy at Summerland.  The pic was taken using Steve’s phone balanced on my back pack so not the greatest view of the Valley.  - We were both on 2020 Beta Evo 200’s.-  Fantastic and very much underrated bikes.  Today - I’m taking out the equally fantastic Evo 125 - again these small bikes are so underrated , and can do amazing things in the right hands     ( just ask Sammy  King) - I will take some pics and post tomorrow.
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I think I’ve likely posted this pic before of the good old boys from the ATA back East - they still get get out & ride together and really enjoy  old fashioned style Trials.
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This is a pic I took yesterday - while out for a ride with Roy on the Westside - It’s at the top of a ridge, overlooking Lake Okanagan - and I have previously  shown a pic of the two wooden chairs placed looking over the valley. It’s a place for a sad reminder for one family - but a wonderful spot to sit and have lunch - solve a few of the troubles of the World - Well maybe not solve anything - just talk about how crazy thing are these days, But at this spot on this day - it was all quiet - a chance to share some solitude with a good friend..

Of course I was out on the Fantastic Beta Evo 125 - and I had fitted it with the S3 header pipe - Wow ! - I’ve never known a trials bike come “On the pipe” before - believe me this thing is a rocket - but I can still putt putt  along in 4th even 5th gear on the trail - Amazing - No it’s not for sale !!  But you can still buy one as Beta Canada have one left - plus a couple of 200’s - ( Our 200 demo is a steal at $1000 off)

Here is a pic of our new Gully section - we still need to do some more clearing before we can ride it - but it’s looking good after the rain.


Dame Vera Lynn has died at age 103 - as they say in the UK - “That was quite an Innings”  - Her songs during the War boosted morale at a time when England was going through some very bad times.

“We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day”

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