Friday June 19th 2020

We’ve come a long way !!!!

I don’t know who this is on the nice TRS - but it’s a good pic. - ( Not sure who took it)
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Who can name this rider wearing just blue jeans & rubber boots at a Scottish Vintage Trials event? And what is the bike he’s on??


video for today >>>>>>>> Bernie Schreiber 2 Días Trial Clásicas Robregordo 2008 El Campeón del Mundo de Trial 1979 con Bultaco, Bernie Schreiber (USA), estuvo como piloto invitado en los 2 Días de Trial de Clásicas de Robregordo. Aquí po…

And another one >>> 1984 Trial World Championship 8 juli 1984 Courmayeur Images of Italian round of the outdoor trial world championship. 8 july in Courmayeur and earlier race in the Belgium Ardennes.


Here is a pic of Mick Andrews taken by Harlow Rankin - He didn’t have a great day at our Canadian World Trials Championship back in 1975 - The bad weather played havoc with some of the 40 sections on the 69 mile loop I  had set up -   I had to ride out front - changing some. - I spent the best part of a year setting up this first ever World Trial in Canada - but did not get to see one rider ride one section.

- It was nice to take Mick/Jill  and Malcolm Rathmell for supper at the top of the Tower in Calgary the next day     ( yes Yamaha  Canada paid) - we chatted about the event and they were very kind to me with their comments. -

I’ve said many times that NOBODY ever gets everything right when hosting an event - keeping the mistakes to minimum is hard.. I salute everybody who takes on the task of putting on ANY event - it takes Guts and for success - you need experience .  NEVER BE AFRAID TO ASK A SECOND OPINION!! OR TAKE ANOTHER LOOK AT A SECTION YOU MIGHT HAVE THOUGHT WAS PERFECT>
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In spite of his bad day - Mick and I remained friends and I saw him and his lovely wife Jill a few times after that - the last time was in 1993 at the Scottish- This is Mick on the James in the Pre 65 event - I have a pic of myself with this bike somewhere in the archives - I will try to dig it out.

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Birthday Greetings today go to our son Steven - He was a very good XC rider as a lad - until he got blinded in one eye  at a race in Kelowna. - and that was the end of that.


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