Sunday June 21st 2020 - Father’s Day.

I’m sure that many will enjoy reading this account of the glory years of BSA - and of course the demise of the Motorcycle Industry .   Thee are many thoughts on why this happened, some blamed the Trade Unions, while others said the Brits did not keep up with the times and the Japs were starting to move in. - It’s interesting to read Jeff Smith’s remarks on his uncertain future, but I wonder how many people know that he came to Canada and worked with Bombardier to develop the very successful Can Am?

The sad thing is that Bombardier, just like BSA failed to keep on top of things for Off Road Motorcycles and although they had a lot of success with their Rotary Valve Rockets !! - It was maybe just the marketing division and poor electrics that enabled guys like me ( working for Yamaha) to steal all the best riders - and as they say - What wins on Sundays - sells on Mondays !!

I’m not sure where Jeff Smith lives these days , but probably in the States - The one thing for sure, is he was a hell of a rider - and I feel very humble to have been on the same starting line with him at the 1976 Moose Mountain Cross Country. ( Yes I have good camp fire story on that one)

Any young lad growing up after the War - and with the motorcycle “Bug”  will not forget the Manx Norton - the sound, the look the mystique.  - To hear these on the radio, racing in the Isle of Man - was “Magic” to the ears of all enthusiasts, young and old. - At a time when the British Motorcycle Industry ruled -  Most Dealerships, were owned by Racers, or Engineers who were always trying to improve on what came from the Factories.  Famous names like this.


As we have not had ONE call from anybody wanting to go for a ride on this Father’s day - I will just kick back and watch the golf. - I see this as a “head game” just like Trials competition. -


Yesterday I did some fine tuning on the Beta Evo 125 - tiddlers are more critical to Tweeks!! especially when you change exhaust pipes.  - ( a quarter turn on the air screw can make a BIG difference. - Luckily, these days. most bikes come out of the crate “Ready to ride” and while we understand all about the various carbs - seldom do we need to make changes.
Another interesting point is that I have found myself really lax in checking tire pressures on any of the bikes I ride - Of course if I was still in Competition - this would have been a “MUST” - While talking tires  as many people know - Beta swapped to the 803 Dunlop a couple of years ago - when the Michelin was standard on most bikes. !!  - The reason “COST” Michelin refused to bend on their price so Beta said “Up Yours” ( At least that’s what I heard)  - The good news, is that the Dunlop’s work just fine  and while many Experts will still rely on the Michelin - for the average rider, I can honestly say that the Dunlop works great. ( BTW I just sold my last rear X11 Xlite today)


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