Monday June 22nd 2020

Well we hope that everybody  had a nice “Father’s Day” - a tradition that we only came to know in recent years, but now enjoy with our family in order to share supper and reflect on memories. -As usual. our daughter Helen had arranged a nice meal, and as we have not been able to visit for months, because of the Pandemic, - suffice to say it was a very memorable occasion.  A wonderful Salmon supper !!!

As I didn’t hear from anybody regarding a ride until  early Sunday morning - I had already made other plans, one of which was watching the golf - and that got a delay due to bad weather, so I never did see who won - it was pretty tight at the top.

This section that Sammy is pictured on - is one that only he and Brandon Wince  have ever tried - One of my more challenging ones for these top Experts. - No neither Sam nor Brandon cleaned it - and if you saw it, you would understand why. - ( By this time Sammy had already “Shortened” the rear fender on my Beta 300)
No photo description available.


I see our friends in the Far North have been out enjoying themselves - a mix of Trials and Enduro. - Thanks to Dennis Brumwell for posting.


The weather has certainly improved the past couple of days, with really warm temperatures - I guess the next thing we will doing is complaining about it being too hot.


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