Tuesday June 23rd 2020

We have had a few emails from people regarding  Jeff Smith  after we posted the article on his BSA days - Harlow wrote saying that when he moved to Canada to join Bombardier - he brought with him a frame from an AJS Stormer for the French Engineers to check out - another story from Turk related to the 1975 ISDE in the Isle of Man when Turk stayed at the same Hotel as Jeff - he told Turk that he booked a room on the bottom floor as the Hot water was not available on the 3rd floor where Turk was staying - but this did have a nice view of the harbor!!  -

Finding a place to stay for events like the Scottish that has a lot of hot water is difficult - I remember back in 1993 the room that Walt and myself were sharing had nice  radiators - that we thought would work great to dry off our wet clothing each night after being out watching the Trial - guess what - the owners turned them off at night to save electricity!!


We also received another email from John Kitchener who is still marooned   in the UK - although he hopes to get a flight back to Canada next month.  John mentioned that he rode a Can Am in the Welsh Three Day Enduro many years ago and won a gold medal - However, although the bikes were very fast ( fitted with the Rotax rotary valve engines)  they did not handle well with sub-par suspension.

I remember having a ride on Bob Sadownick’s TNT model back in my Yamaha days , and found them scary with a habit of suddenly flicking side-ways at speed.   ( Bob later joined our Yamaha Canada Team)

This is a rare Duke video of the 1952 TT in the Isle of Man - one of the most dramatic as winner Reg Armstrong had the primary chain break on his Manx Norton just as he crossed the finish line - It also shows 2nd place rider Les Graham on the MV Augusta - - this was fitted with Earles front forks, which some thought led to his fatal crash the following year at the bottom of Bray Hill.


Jake Wideman - taken a couple of years back when he picked up his new Beta Evo.  We have missed seeing the Shuswap gang this year.
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I saw this pic posted of a guy riding Stateside in a Vintage Trial - and it reminded me of the changes in riding gear that we have seen over the years.

Now the first thing I see here, is a guy way over dressed in bulky Enduro style clothing - which likely meant he was “Cooking”  - Although we don’t sell the very tight spandex style clothing that is common with the World Factory riders, we do promote our Wulfsport line as it is both light, good quality and allows the rider to move around on the bike. It’s available in all different colors and sizes and very reasonably priced.

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Many “Old Timers” will recognize this book on Trials training by Bernie Schreiber - we have had a copy of this for many years, along with most of the other books available, all with very good hints and tips from the Experts, plus filled with fantastic photographs. - The biggest problem with any collection, is loaning books out and then not getting them back, so keeping track of these valuable items, is extremely important.

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A blast from the past  in the UK - at a Scramble in 1957 near Oswestry at a place called Queenshead  Sandpit.

left to right - Outlaw Dave - Wally Sagar (sitting down)  Glynis Morris ( dead) Bernie Blomer ( my brother in law now dead this year) Don Morris (dead) Margaret Morris and John Thomas.

Back then the normal gear was old army surplus jackets and Fire men’s leather boots. Check out me with an open neck shirt and a bandana!! - Different times, but the enthusiasm was fantastic - and with little money after the war - everybody helped - a really good memory for me.
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Another blast from the past Gary Baily and his son David in a classic shot on Bultaco Pursangs.

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Gary was of course a big star in early US MX - and went on to promote the sport setting up Super X tracks which really did put the sport on the map Stateside - David became a Super star, before tragically breaking his back in a crash, which saw the end of “Table top” jumps.


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