Wednesday June 24th 2020

Turning the clock back to the type of sections often used  in English style Trials - Image may contain: one or more people, motorcycle and outdoor

This is an oldie of me from 1971, when I rode a Blackfoot Motorcycle  ” Montesa “for  a short time - The original pic was damaged, and our friend Scott Barrie from Ontario was kind enough to fix the crease in the one posted earlier. - As I mentioned to Scott I likely have the 35mm neg of this in my files someplace. maybe I will buy one of the new gadgets that convert them to digital!!

We had a team for the Canadian National , Murray Nutt, Wayne Adderson and myself - ( My bike broke down & I had to push in to finish)  but I never really got on with the bike and went back to a Bultaco. - ( I also broke my leg early that year so getting on a new bike three months later after getting the cast off likely wasn’t the best thing)

But riding for Bruce Cameron the Owner of Blackfoot Motorcycles at that time was a real honor - another great man who died too young.
I still have the beer tankard someplace - but the Monty shirt has long gone,, as have a few of my front teeth!! But I still do have my hair. ( although I keep it a lot shorter these days) - I think Babsy likely took this pic as she did a lot back then.

Below is one of the sections we had in Revvy for the WTC National a few years ago  - The plan is to have another event there in 2021, but with a longer loop to take in some of the great trails and spectacular scenery in the area -The “Old fashioned” but more popular type of events that the older and newbie riders seem to really enjoy.  The three quarries  will still  be there to test the “Hot Shots” -  Flo and Chris are stoked to do this.
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With things very much in limbo all over the World, it’s hard to say when life as we know it,  will return to normal - we may see a few events happening later in the year, and I urge everyone to click on here or Trials Canada for the latest info:  ( We also post on Facebook)
Getting out for a ride with a few friends is still an option, and we try to do this, while still keeping our social distancing. - although a lot of people seem to be ignoring the advice given  by the top medical people - and I for one really understand the frustrations of trying to do business at a time like this.

But to put friends and family at risk when  we are dealing with the unknown, especially  the older folk ( Yup we are in that class) is I think fool hardy.   If this Pandemic improves general hygiene World wide for the future - then I think it might be a lesson learned.

The rest of the BS we are seeing with protests, looting and Statues being toppled, needs to be dealt with a firm (but not brutal) hand - Bring out the water canon. - Chicken shit Politicians will do nothing for the future of either this Country or the World.

And the younger generation need to respect the fact that their ancestors have fought and died in World War 1 -World War 2 - plus other conflicts, just so they could grow up in a free  world.  - Now these young people are lobbying to tear down statues of great men -Do they not learn anything in schools and Universities these days ?


Back to Motorcycling - which always seems to endure throughout World Conflicts and uncertain economic times - We  still have a few TRS and Beta bikes available and urge anybody maybe holding off buying because of the current situation to  think of this as a perfect time to buy - good deals are here today and Trials bikes are a great investment because they do not lose value like other Dirt bikes.

Like everybody, we are always excited to see the new models come out every year, although changes are sometimes just in “Bold New Graphics”  -  We recently had our Beta Canada guy out for a visit and he took a close look at the Electric Start TRS that we have - I would not be surprised to see more Trials bikes come out with this option in the future. ( Remember when people said Hydraulic Clutches wouldn’t work”  or disc brakes?  Water cooling ??)  Yup - I might be an old guy but I can tell you the estart is coming.


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