Friday June 26th 2020

Yesterday I headed over the Westside again to explore some more of the old logging/mining roads with Roy  - once again we made the Two Chairs of Sorrow our lunch stop up on the ridge overlooking Okanagan Lake - a beautiful spot, so quiet with a view that is hard to beat. - we watched the bald eagles soaring above us, while we noticed a couple of boats out on the lake - we likely stayed at this spot for about half an hour, chatting about life in general, until the warm temperatures told us it was time to move on.
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It’s worth noting that this location is  kept in pristine condition - no litter or empty beer cans etc.  - a tribute to the people who visit the area.   Of course the soft Trials tires leave very little sign of our being there.
You will also notice that my boots are nice and clean in the pic - However, neither them or the bikes stayed that way for long as we soon found a lot of mud and water as we headed into unknown territory.  ( We have a good stock of these great Wulf Trials boots in stock at only $295.00)

Although Roy tells me that there are a lot of Bears in the area ( one even tried to break into his house) - We didn’t see any, or deer - surprising really as it’s pretty wild country.

I see that Sammy has given his “Ride the Vibe” bus a new paint job - and also had some work done on the brakes etc - all good considering the big mileage trips he has planned  - last week he was in Squamish  putting on a school - the first one I think this year because of the Pandemic.  - Not sure what his schedule is for the next couple of months, but he did mention he wanted to make a trip up to the Yukon.


Hard to believe that this is the last weekend of June - and no events happening, including all the Cross Country series, which Andrew Christiansen  called to say that as far as he knows,everything is cancelled for this year.


Here is a pic from back a few years - I’m riding the tricky little section near the Iron Gate at Summerland - bike is a Beta Evo 200 and it appears I’m still wearing one of the old NZI Carbon Helmets we used to sell, plus  XC riding gear and Gaerne boots, which we also dropped.  The one thing that I  really liked was the Six Day type glasses that I have on, but have been unable to find for a long time - Maybe the Mountain bike stores have something similar.
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