Sunday June 28th 2020

I really like this shot of Hakan Anderson on the 74 Factory YZ - I think he won the World Championship that year? -

Of course I was working for Yamaha Canada at that time and although I was riding Trials most of the time - the following year, I rode the Walt Healy Cross Country version of this bike - a DT flywheel and wide ratio box plus other trick things made it brilliant - It was first ridden by John Arcand, who sadly died young from cancer - but we had some really fun times together.  - It’s interesting to note that the Japanese took pics of this bike and all the details, because they were in the process of developing the IT 400, which we got in 1976.

I’m not sure who took this pic so can’t give a photo credit - but I found it interesting they used the Champion Spark plug logo - All our bikes used NGK plugs - and in a funny memory - I recall chatting to Terry Porter back in 1969 in Calgary, about the new breed of bikes on the market and what spark plugs they used, because Spanish electrics were notorious for producing a weak spark - - The KLG brand was mentioned, at which time Terry said “Oh we use those for fishing weights”!!

In another spark plug story - back in 1979 our Yamaha Parts manager ( who knew I was racing Cross Country ) gave me a box of NGK racing plugs to use in our IT Team bikes.  Unfortunately, these didn’t work out too well the first time we tried them when Murray Nutt and myself went to a race at Drayton Valley.  He was on an IT 250 and I was on a borrowed IT 175 ( which turned out very badly for me) - .
Anyway - When the shot gun went off - I kicked and kicked - then became aware that somebody else was also kicking and saying WTF - Yes it was Murray - - turned out the race plugs were too cold - meant for road racers. - Eventually we got the bikes going - and after some wild riding caught up to the experts !! - then it got really confusing. - This was the first event these guys had put on, and chose flagging tape the same color as the forestry guys used “Orange” - so one minute you would be leading then a few minutes later you would be tail end charlie - riders were lost everywhere. -

As mentioned this was a bad day for me as I had a fall going through a cut block . and the bike landed on me with my hand going into the rear sprocket. ( the borrowed bike had a rear shock that was screwed - it was like a pogo-stick)  - Eight hours later I was in the Edmonton University Hospital after walking 14 miles out of the bush. ( thanks to the friends who drove me I never did find out their names to thank them)

Luckily for me and for my future riding bikes - this hospital had the very best team for doing the new micro-surgery - and while other operations they did that weekend failed - after seven hours - they had my thumb stitched back on. -  Yes - apparently I am in their Books as one of their early success stories.


Take a look at this work of art on the new “Gold” TRS - If you want one of these you had better call quick because they are very limited - only 150 being made.  ( In fact you might already be too late!!)

And here is a pic of Mr TRS himself - the great Jordi Tarres back in the day when he was world champ on the Beta . Thanks to Retro Trials for the pic.
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A nice pic of Martin Lampkin (by MJ) - Note the high bars on his Bultaco 325 - I guess that was why I fitted the same Renthals to my bike back in the day.
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Wow that was quite the Storm we had in the Valley on Saturday - Again I had some water in my shop, so I’m going to check what I can do to stop this as they are forecasting  more of the same for today.


Here’s a neat video of Kenny Roberts on the wild four cylinder Yamaha Flat tracker.

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