Monday June 29th 2020

This is a pic of Broc Glover - one of the top MX riders back in the day - what I noticed on this was that he is covering both the clutch and front brake levers, just like we do on a Trials bike  - unusual at that time - it looks like he has just passed a fallen rider -
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Below is a pic of Road race champion Geoff Duke - who also rode Trials during the winter months - I think this might be a 500cc Norton 5T.  -( I even rode in a Time Trial called the Picton - which he won riding a factory Ariel colt))

Geoff was a wonderful man who excelled in the TT races in the Isle of Man, a place he would make his home when he retired from racing. - When he died a few years ago the funeral procession toured the complete 37 + mile TT Circuit , as a tribute. - I would like to report that I once shook the hand of this  great man, when he was guest of honor at the Oswestry Club annual awards dinner.
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I saw this pic posted by Carl Pottenger of his father “Scrambling” back in the late 50’s - and asked if he was the son of Frank Pottenger ? - Frank was one of our regular riders from the Oswestry area with the “Nick name” of Skid!!  - He always rode Triumph twins and was quite the wild guy. -

Carl contacted me to confirm that yes indeed  this was the same Frank Pottenger and said his Father had passed away some years ago.  - Interesting that due to the magic of the Internet, we could piece together a bit of History.
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Carl posted this pic of his Dad with his really nice Cheney Triumph - he was still riding at 80.
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After a three month break, some of the lads are getting out on their bikes in the UK

Here is a shot of buddy Heath Brindley on his much detailed TRS.
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Back in the early 70’s  - tall “Cow horn” bars were quite popular - this is a pic of Don Smith on the Prototype Kawasaki - ( A few days ago we showed a similar set up on my 73 Bultaco and also yesterday the same thing on Mart Lampkin’s Sherpa T) - Like they say go with the flow. - If Toni Bou  had a sharks fin on his helmet ??  Well I don’t know about that  - but how about Toni Bou jockey shorts with a a built in cup ?? Now that should be a winner. ( Especially for those newbies trying the “double blips”)

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I like this pic of Mandy Lewis on the Vertigo - it shows great style. - Mandy and Adrian - run Lewisport USA Stateside, but before they emigrated, they did the same thing in Scotland - they are good friends with  Harry & Wendy McKay,  from Aviemore - 20 miles from Fort William - the heart of the Scottish Six Day Trial.
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Back in the day, “Specials” were often seen at Trials events, but this one had a connection to the world of Formula One -  with Mclaren involved with this Suzuki project.

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