Wednesday July 1st 2020 CANADA DAY.

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The above pic was taken at Revelstoke after the WTC National we held there back a few years.  Sammy still had his long hair ( And I still had my front teeth)

The pic below is also at Revvy and shows a bunch of the local gals ( including Emily Roberts) out for a fun day riding the muddy trails. ( I hope Emily was showing them some Trial techniques)


I must remember to buy a Lottery Ticket !!!
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So what is everybody doing on this rather gloomy wet day ?  Hopefully we won’t get the big heavy rain like yesterday - I was down town delivering Opti - dashed into the shop with the invoice - said  -”Your oil is in the back of the van mate -  get your rain jacket on and unload it” !!

I see a bunch of the lads are camping out this weekend at OK Falls - Andrew James posted an invite to everybody to join for a laid back session - Not sure what I’m doing at this point but might try to make it Sunday to show off my estart TRS 300 Xtrack.


Jamie McGregor from Ontario took this pic as a young lad attending the 1975 Canadian World Championship Round which I set up - It shows Malcolm Rathmell on the Prototype Montesa in one of the water sections.

It’s funny, thinking back I remember how sometimes we would be riding these river sections and you would hear and feel the rocks moving beneath the wheels in the current !! -  We always made our sections challenging - it’s a different sport now - bikes are fantastic but all this hopping is just a big Yawn for me.

Roger Boothroyd sent me this video clip of a ride one of the Island guys did at Squamish - You will need to punch in the link as I could not copy it - but believe me it’s worth watching - the words Extreme and Nuts come to mind!!

And finally>


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