Friday July 24th 2020

TRS Service bulletin.   - Courtesy Steve Saunders TRS UK Importer.



For your info, the E Start TRS has a different gear oil quantity.450ml from a rebuild and 400ml from an oil change.
The way you drain the gear oil is also different as it needs to be drained from 2 plugs. see the picture’s #1 & 2
Once drained you refill as normal through the plug Pic #3
This is because the mag cover has oil in it.
Outlaw recommend  using Opti 5w30  ( supplied free with your new bike. ) contact us if you have any questions.
Pic #1
Pic #2
Pic #3
And here is Steve on one of the new Estart TRS models - the battery for these is behind the headlight (tiny)
He is featured in the next issue of Trials Mag UK.
And here is one of Steve trying really hard when he rode Fantic
Back in the day - after World War Two - Motorcycle sales and competition events were huge - but there was also a lighter side to club life back then and you would often see motorcycles used for  entertainment,  at local Fetes and fairs - it really was a lot of fun and I remember riding quite a few of these events usually held on a Summer evening. - Lots of times wives or girlfriends would ride on the back while you went through these crazy obstacle courses - sometimes - they would have to snatch potatoes from the top of stakes as you weaved in and out., or sit backwards on the pillion seat holding an egg on a spoon.
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Your video  clips  for today >>>
Trystan Hart from Invermere BC - continues to push hard in the Enduros -these results from the USA -  He is sponsored by KTM, but also has a Beta Trials bike that he bought from us earlier this year.

2020 Bad Medicine at Fallen Timbers Results

1. Cody Webb (Shr)
2. Trystan Hart (KTM)
3. Colton Haaker (Hus)
4. Max Gerston (Bet)
5. Nick Fahringer (Shr)
6. Ryder LeBlond (KTM)
7. Benjamin Herrera (Bet)
8. Ron Commo III (Bet)
9. Logan Bolopue (KTM)
10. Colton Weaver (Hus)

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