Saturday July 25th 2020

Alex Walton has bought himself a Beta Enduro and was out near Hope Slide with some buddies last week & posted this fantastic pic. - I drove by here a zillion times when I was “On the Road” - always thought it would be neat to explore on a bike.

Another Valley in another Country - Scottish Six Day riders will recognize the famous “Glen Coe” - the site of the Battle of Culludan  ( spelling?)   - The slaughter between the Campbell’s and the Fraser’s - My father’s Mother (My Gran that I never met) was a Fraser.  - My mother’s family were all Welsh - so I have a truly Gaelic heritage.

I’m sure Stan will recognize that road !!!
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Xtracks anyone?  - They are pumping them out in Spain and I have the last one in Canada at the moment complete with electric start - It’s a fantastic bike and with the estart it makes it such a great bike for everybody.

- If you want to try and see for yourself - give us a call - ( I think the Estart is the future on all stock Trials bikes - forget about fuel injection and hard to figure electronics - keeping it simple to start and ride is the way to go (in my opinion)  - Back in my day - we never went out on a loop ( don’t forget all trials were long loops back in the day -and still should be) without a pocket full of spark plugs - the electrics were certainly not up to today’s standard. - Of course neither was anything else. -

We get a  lot of calls from people with a problem and we can usually solve their problem over the phone. - However, sometimes all you can say is “Try this”   - The good news for our Trials customers , is that we have been around for a very long time and can usually help. - Today we had a call from somebody who had an old Beta 32 - we were able to point him in the right direction, which was Bob Clark of Mountain Motorcycles. - Bob has the best knowledge on the parts that fit any old Trials bike that I know of, and may very well have it in stock.!!!

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A bunch of nice old Sherpa T’s at the Highland Classic Trial last year. - John Moffat is the organizer and does a tremendous job - He is also a wealth of knowledge on the old bikes and of course the SSDT.

A blast from the past of an old Magazine Cover. - The guy who posted it asked who the rider was on the cover - Naturally coming from the “Old Days” - I  answered that it was Geoff Duke - not only a World Class road racer, but also a very good Trials rider ( I have posted details back in the blog archives)
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We had a nice visit   with Steve Doel from Alberta who was in the Valley for a weekend with Family and friends at his Mable Lake Cottage. - We have known the whole Doel Family for many years - very nice and very talented - their Dad also rode Trials in Alberta.


We had a bit of a storm  in the Valley yesterday, but it didn’t amount to anything much and no hail at our place - a bit cloudy today but supposed to warm up to mid 30’s next week.


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