Thursday July 30th 2020

This is a great shot of Bryan Wade on the Greeves  going head to head with Roger DeCoster CZ ( sorry don’t know who took this great shot)
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And how about this one the great Dave Bickers in his early career - he would ride anything !! As Sammy Miller once said - these 500 Ariel Scramblers, would wear you out then “Chuck you off”

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More old memories posted from a time when Scrambling was just getting started after the War in the UK - Brian Stonebridge was of course a top rider who developed the Greeves MX bikes and was tragically killed in a car accident. - He was a former BSA Factory rider, and I once saw him racing a very potent BSA Bantam 150cc with an expansion chamber on it which gave it so much extra power, he was passing 500cc bikes on the big hill at Hawkstone Park.

Another oldie - this one of local rider Ted Pepperdine who lives in Summerland - He is pictured at Panorama BC back around 1970 - He is on one of the Yamaha DT 360’s that started a big sales trend for Off Road  bikes, for Yamaha ( then everybody else was playing catch up)
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When we first came to Canada in 1965, I was told by the lads that worked at the Photo Engraving plant where I worked in Calgary, that the only Motorcycle Competitions that were held in the area, were Hill Climbs, with Harly’s and Indians - using chains on the rear tires for traction.  No wonder I took up fishing as a hobby for the first few years . - Not that I’m taking anything away from the hill climb guys - they specialize  in their sport, just as we do in Trials.
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Luckily  The local Calgary club held a Moto Cross at Blackfoot Park in 1969, that I attended, and as they say, the rest is history. ( I joined the Calgary Motorcycle club)
We had a couple of emails regarding the neat video we posted yesterday of the Cody Webb Go Pro footage.

Walter Cukavac ( One of the really fast guys we had on Team Yamaha back in the day )  mentioned that it would have been great to have the estart on the bikes back then !! plus of course Hydraulic clutches etc etc - that certainly made me think back to my racing days and trying to start the IT 400 after getting stuck or falling!!  Being small and light was a disadvantage for sure!! I’m amazed that I got that great result at the 1976 Moose Mountain 200 mile,-  on the bike that came to be known as “The Blue Whale” ( big heavy SOB)

Maybe that is why  I put my efforts into developing the IT 175 - We had great success with this bike, but again it wasn’t perfect, lacking bottom end and we had to work on that, with me even making a home-made “Induction” system. - and it worked!! -  My later race bike, was a YZ 125 with a IT 175 engine - again searching for the ultimate combination of light weight and enough power.

It would also have been great to have had Go Pro footage from those races back in the day !! There is no doubt that the new breed of Cross Country riders are fast  and with many being former Trials riders, they also know how to pick the best line and ride “feet up”    -  but the lads were pretty darned fast back in the 70’s as well. - Names that come to mind are Craig Woods, Danny Amor, Al Perrett, Bob Sadownick, Murray Nutt and of course Walter and many more.  ( Reminds me of a saying by Murray Nutt - “The older I get the faster I was” )


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