Sunday August 2nd 2020

I took this pic of Tino trying my TRS 300 back in 2016 at Rocky Mountain House - this was the first year for the Jordi bike, so we were just getting some feed back on it, I posted this on Face book and of course Jordi recognized Tino as he is Spanish. - Tino came to Canada to train for his Helicopter license and later moved to Toronto - not sure if he is still there or not.
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We had a visit from Dominique and a couple of her buddies on Friday - we gave them  a brief tour of our Trials set up, before they headed out - Dominique was planning on going to Osoyoos to meet up with the lads from the coast.

We also  got a phone call from Sammy yesterday - he is now back from the Yukon, where he put on a bunch of training sessions - he told me they had around 80 participants - which is pretty incredible for the Whitehorse area. Well done Sammy for making the effort ( I forgot to ask him how the black-flies were!!)


Friday we chatted about the JCM Trials bike - well this is the guy who started that - Joel Corroy - seen here test riding an Ossa.


We have mentioned before , about the fact we never went out on the loop without a pocket full of sparkplugs, spare chainlink etc etc - and we know a lot of the lads who ride the Scottish carry a spare inner tube - but how about this shot from 1950 of a rider carrying a spare inflated tube around his neck !!!  ( I guess it could  act as a life vest if it was a wet year on the moors!!)
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