Tuesday September 8th 2020

A rare pic of Steve McQueen browsing through a Motorcycle shop someplace.  - Comerfords ?
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And Freddie lived to be an old man  - what a great pic.  - Anybody that reads this blog knows what I think about the Isle of Man about great racers like Bob Mac -Mike  Hailwood - the list is endless - I’m so glad I was able to see them in my lifetime  - quite a few times -  I urge anybody that has a Tag on their “Bucket list” - Do it - You will not believe it.

I have never been a Sidecar Fan - but just had to post this - wonder how he talked his young buddy into riding in the chair>

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And another young rider on one of the new TRS ebikes


Here are  Ross & Emily  - Listening  to Sammy’s instructions on bike set up and body positioning ( check out those neat rim tapes I put on the Evo 125 - thanks to buddy Nick Hellings for those)  -  for those that don’t know - Emily writes for Motorcycle Mojo Magazine ( I know its hard to find)  she is a very good rider and has done some amazing cross Canada trips on various bikes  - up to Alaska etc - she is quite a gal, and I’m happy to help her in her new challenge in the Trials world.


So back to Trials - the sport that I was first introduced to  in 1954 -  Of course none of the young guns today want to listen to the stories of- How great things were  -  “Back in the day”

The sad fact about modern Trials  is that it has become a circus -  a Hopping game   !  I have watched a lot of this,  and to be truthful - while I admire the skill of the new breed of riders, I find the new events which are mostly “Man-made” obstacles - rather boring.


video for today   >> youtube.com Jitsie - Master Tip - How to Stoppie

and one more  >> #WeAreTrial


Cooler today only +3 in Vernon this morning!!  But at least no snow like they had in Alberta.

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