Thursday September 10th 2020

This is a shot from 1969 showing the charge to the first corner at a Scramble, with Jeff Smith (BSA) leading the way. - Although some of the newbies who look at these old pics and videos (8 or 16mm) might smirk a bit at the seemingly slow speeds etc - remember that the bikes back then were HEAVY and only had about 4″  suspension.

It wasn’t until the Japanese entered the market with lightweight exotic two strokes that things changed - and soon these super trick factory bikes were stored away - after the “Claiming rule” was brought in ( not sure what year that was).

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My very special birthday present arrived yesterday a 2021 TRS Gold Edition 280 - we also got the last of the 2020 Raga 300’s for an Alberta customer!!  don’t they look gorgeous ?  Goldie also has the estart with the battery behind the headlight. I weighed both bikes dry - stock Raga 300 =150 lbs - Goldie =153 lbs


Today is Jordi’s birthday - and I’ve figured it out correctly -he is 54. He must feel very satisfied at how well his bikes are selling Worldwide, and also getting great results at all levels.

Here he is goofing off with Adam Raga and Philippe Berlatier.

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Here’s a better pic of Jordi.

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Another big Trials Event has been cancelled - The only smart thing to do as far as I’m concerned - especially as this one usually had hundreds of riders on Vintage bikes.

Lets not forget what happened on this date 19years ago

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